Former Bengaluru corporator who hoarded crores claims money belonged to senior cops

Bomb Naga now claims he is a victim of police conspiracy
Former Bengaluru corporator who hoarded crores claims money belonged to senior cops
Former Bengaluru corporator who hoarded crores claims money belonged to senior cops
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 The investigation into the Rs 30 crore demonetised currency notes found at former rowdy sheeter V Nagaraj alias Bomb Naga’s house, has taken a surprising turn.

On Saturday afternoon, Bomb Naga, in a series of videos to Suvarna News, made serious allegations on the Bengaluru police stating that the money found in his lair belonged to senior police officers. The man claimed that police officers had hoarded black money and he had been safekeeping them.

“About two months ago, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah’s special PA Manjunath, called me and said that there were crores of demonetised notes which belonged to senior police officers. He wanted me to help him exchange the old notes for new ones,” Bomb Naga said.

The former BBMP Corporator alleged that Manjunath had called him many times and had even sent his bodyguards to threaten him into exchanging the old currency to new ones.

“Manjunath told me that the money belonged to two Commissioners of Police and two Deputy Commissioners of Police. I refused to help them out, they have set me up,” Bomb Naga added.

These are not the only allegations that Bomb Naga has made. The former rowdy sheeter alleged that the inspector, who raided his house, was to get Rs 10 crore for taking him down in an encounter.

“Inspector Srinivas was going to kill me in an encounter that day,” he said.

Bomb Naga said that the Karnataka High Court had given him a clean slate by closing the rowdy sheeter files against him. But he insisted that the file had been re-opened time and again on the insistence of certain Congress leaders.

“Dinesh Gundurao wanted to spoil my political career. Hence, he got rowdy sheeter files opened against me. PC Mohan did the same. PC Mohan will not win another election,” Naga said.

Refuting Bomb Naga’s allegations, Dinesh Gundurao said that the former rowdy sheeter was trying to divert the course of the investigation by making baseless allegations against political leaders and the city police.

“Bomb Naga had won the BBMP Council election once. Knowing his criminal history, I had personally rejected his request to join the Congress Party. If these allegations against me have to be proved wrong, then there has to be a probe. Let the concerned authorities investigate these allegations and the truth will come out,” Gundurao said.

PC Mohan too refuted Bomb Naga’s allegations and said that his political career would not take a serious hit due to the words of a criminal.

Despite making multiple calls, the Bengaluru Police were unavailable for comment.

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