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The News Minute | August 24, 2014 | 12:47 pm IST Indian beach goers might be dropping inhibitions and showing skin, but looks like international fashion has gone full circle with the latest trend of the bizarre and appalling looking beachwear catching on at French fashion events – the Facekini. After centuries of fighting to be given rights to wear swimsuits that revealed skin, women have now started going back to the Victorian styles of the past fearing the effect of the sun on their skin.  The ‘facekini’, a nylon head mask worn to protect the face from sun exposure, which initially originated in China allows poolside wearers to “soak up as little sun as possible.”  ( Image Courtesy: Facekini's ) A report in The Daily Beast discusses how "a fear of the sun is starting to send them (women) scurrying back to the Victorian styles of centuries past." Just last year, Madonna , the Queen of Pop was caught on camera spending her holiday in Ibiza fully protected from the sun, wearing a zebra-patterned kaftan and an oversized hat, something that reminisced of outfits in the 20th century. Ironically, once upon a time strict modesty laws required women to be fully covered while they frolicked at the beach. Laws required them to wear long suits and stockings; however, soon the women started protesting the restraining designs. ( Image Courtesy: Facekini's ) In 1908, professional swimmer and actress Annette Kellermen was the first woman to be arrested for indecent exposure while modeling the then-scandalously revealing one-piece swimsuit.  In the 1930s, women slowly started revealing more and more, wearing two-piece suits while still maintaining a modicum of relevant modesty. The 60’s saw women daringly revealing their navals for the first time, as tops became shorter. After this there was no looking back – tops were left back altogether as the sexual revolution exploded.  ( Image Courtesy: Facekini's ) Even beauty trends changed. Fair wasn’t in-trend, slowly tans became a symbol of the rich and the famous. The more the tan, the better it was in terms of beauty.  The truth struck home hard however, as studies revealed the true effect of UV rays on the skin – causing wrinkles and other aging signs, including skin cancer.  ( Image Courtesy: Facekini's ) Recent studies have shown that 80 percent of skin aging occurs because of UV rays. Melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer has increased by 200 percent in cases since 1973. Ironically, we need at least a little of the sun as a form of Vitamin D – to reduce the risk of ovarian, esophageal and pancreatic cancers by half.  Make-up products with varying SPF levels just wont do, lesser and lesser people are going topless at beaches. Instead, everyone’s covering up and looking superhero-like by wearing the facekini. It’s only so long before India catches on this trend.  ( All images courtesy: Facekini's Facebook Page )
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