Forget about special status, Andhra govt is busy seeing a political conspiracy everywhere

Dismissing the need for a special status for the state, a senior TDP leader has instead pointed fingers at the opposition.
Forget about special status, Andhra govt is busy seeing a political conspiracy everywhere
Forget about special status, Andhra govt is busy seeing a political conspiracy everywhere
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On a day that the Andhra police foiled every attempt by opposition parties and students to conduct a peaceful protest, demanding special status for the state, the government has been busy accusing everyone of a political conspiracy. They have also dismissed the need for a special status, saying the special package provided by the Centre is good enough.

The TDP government in Andhra has pointed a finger at every opposition party, taking ‘precautionary action’ against some, and promising retaliation to others.

“They (opposition) wanted a Jallikattu style protest, I want to ask what is the similarity between Jallikattu and special status demand? This is nothing but a conspiracy of opposition party to turn everybody against the Chief Minister,” said senior TDP leader Gali Muddu Krishnama Naidu, speaking to the press.

Naidu claimed that there were no students in the agitation, and that opposition parties are ‘misleading the crowd’ with candle light marches and protests.

“Sakshi channel should be banned. They have been showing provoking visuals and misleading the youths.The channel is owned by Jagan Mohan Reddy, so we all know, why they have been misleading everybody against the CM, today the same media is misleading people for special status,” he said.

He also accused the opposition of giving a wrong message to the CII delegates. “The investors’ first priority is to see the law and order of the state, by misleading the youth they want to spoil the state’s reputation,” he added.

While the demand for a special status for Andhra has been longstanding, the anger of the people went up after Finance Minister Arun Jaitley announced a special package for Andhra, instead of a special status.

The state government is cracking down on any dissent, and is insisting that the Andhra got what it needs from the NDA government at the Centre. The TDP is an alliance partner of the BJP.

“The Chief Minister has made a minimum of 26 visits to Delhi to push for the status, which was promised by then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. But Centre announced a financial package for Andhra Pradesh including full funding of the Polavaram irrigation project, tax concessions and special assistance. What else the state government can do? if any injustice would have been done to the state, Chandrababu Naidu would have fought for it,” Krishnama Naidu asked.

Protesters meanwhile are not happy with the government’s attitude. “We wanted a silent protest, we do not belong to any political party. Then why students and youths were detained,” one of the protesters said.

On Thursday morning, the state police detained several Jana Sena party members and students who came out to hold a silent protest in Visakapatnam, demanding special status for Andhra.

They also stopped YSR Congress leader Jagan Mohan Reddy from entering the Vizag airport, following which Jagan sat on a dramatic protest in the airport.

On Wednesday night, the police rounded up several YSR Congress members and made ‘precautionary arrests’.

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