Firefox receives latest update, brings WebVR support and faster search

Firefox 55 is perhaps the first browser to have integrated VR functionality into it.
Firefox receives latest update, brings WebVR support and faster search
Firefox receives latest update, brings WebVR support and faster search
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Firebox, the browser from Mozilla has received its latest update, Firefox 55. This update brings in many improvements and changes to the browser. But the path-breaking new addition is the WebVR support the browser offers to the PC/laptop users running on Windows, Mac or Linux.

This is perhaps the first time a browser has integrated this functionality to it. If you are a Firefox user and have a HTC Vive or an Oculus Rift VR headset, you are good to go.

The way it works is a VR goggle icon appears in a corner of the screen whenever you have opened a VR enabled app or a game and you can then put on your headset and enjoy the experience. The controllers are there on the headset to guide you through the virtual space.

Mozilla has also addressed some of the usual complaints users have, while using the browser, particularly the frequent crashes of the browser.

Mozilla has recommended that users having 64-bit version Windows must reinstall Firefox, since this version will download the 64-bit version of Firefox and this will ensure the crash episodes are greatly reduced, if not eliminated.

The company has indicated that their tests have revealed a 39% reduction in browser crashes. But this relates to the systems which have 4GB RAM and above.

Mozilla has also said that even if the user has not taken the trouble to manually download the browser, the migration will automatically take place with their future browser updates. The browser will detect the 64-bit Windows and switch to the latest version of the browser.

Besides the VR support, Mozilla has also made improvements in the search dialog in the latest version of the Firefox browser.

In the normal course, once you start typing your query, a host of search options will appear from which you can choose. These include the usual Google, Yahoo and Bing and in addition have Amazon, Twitter and Wikipedia too. The users can customize this setup too.

Another demo Mozilla organized had some 1691 tabs being open on the browser and when restarted, the rebooting materialized in just 15 seconds with the new browser while it used to take 8 minutes earlier.  

Finally, the release by Mozilla insists that users must download Firefox 55, since many security flaws of different levels have been plugged in this version. The company claims that in all 30 flaws have been fixed, which include 6 critical, 11 high-severity, 7 moderate and 6 low-severity flaws. 

Image: Mozilla in Europe via Flickr

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