Rahul Easwar said Ayyappan and Vavar were close friends and the Vavar Sanctorum in Sabarimala has no idol as Muslims don’t believe in idol worship.

Firebrand Hindu leader Sasikala teacher attacks Ayyappa Vavar legend says Vavar wasnt Muslim
news Social Media Thursday, September 22, 2016 - 14:34

Sasikala teacher is not one known to mince her words. While other BJP and, Sangh parivar leaders in the state may gulp down a few controversial comments out of the need to be 'diplomatic', Sasikala teacher, the firebrand Hindu Aikyavedi leader from Kerala sees no such need.

She has been in the eye of various storms after calling Muslims ‘cross-breeds’ and slamming singer Yesudas’ dream to enter the Guruvayurappan temple (since he is a Christian).

When the RSS magazine Kesari questioned the Kerala version of festival Onam and said that Onam was a celebration of ‘Vamana Jayanthi’ and was not about Mahabali, Sasikala teacher agreed and went a step further, saying Onam was an attempt to tarnish the image of Vishnu.

Now Sasikala teacher is at it again. The legend that has come under her radar this time is the tale of Lord Ayyappa and his Muslim friend Vavar.

Most Ayyappa devotees visit a mosque in the name of Vavar or Vavarswami at Erumali at the foot of the Sabarimala hill before they begin the ascent to the Sabarimala Ayyappan temple.

In an interview to Asianet’s “Point Blank” Sasikala teacher said that ‘they’ have never believed the tale of Ayyappan and Vavar’s friendship. Even if they were friends, she asserted, it was unlikely that Vavar was a Muslim.

There are various legends about Vavar, including that he had migrated from Arabia and was defeated by Ayyappa in a battle. Some tales call him a Muslim invader who had come to Pandalam (the kingdom of Ayyappa’s father), while others say that he may have come from the Pandya kingdom.

All the legends however underscore the point that the two had been friends.

Sasikala teacher’s comment has come under criticism from Rahul Eashwar, a member of the Sabarimala tantric family.

He wrote in a recent Facebook post that Ayyappa-Vavar relationship was a shining example of India’s culture.

He repeats the myth, and says it was true, that Ayyappan and Vavar were close friends and the Vavar Sanctorum in Sabarimala has no idol as Muslims don’t believe in idol worship.

"Like Manikandan (lord Ayyappa), Vavar was also a historic figure. Government documents, court documents, historical evidences of Erumeli and the festival conducted jointly by Erumeli Masjid and Sabarimala temple are evidences to prove Vavar's historical existence," Rahul Easwar said.

He also added that Vavar was the son of Fathima and Saidali, and, in 1950, the then Sabarimala Thanthri Kantararu Shankarar had confirmed that Vavar was a Muslim.

Rahul also reminded Sasikala teacher that Hindu unity cannot be achieved by invoking hatred towards Muslims or people belonging to any other religions.  

In another note, written by Easwar for Reporter TV, he claims that Ayyappa himself had urged his devotees to first worship at Vavar mosque and later come to Sabarimala.

“Teacher I respect you. But If I don’t say this now, how will I face lord Ayyappa when I meet him next,” he ends the note.