Finally, 'Bigg Boss' Gayathri evicted, faces uncomfortable questions from audience

Gayathri was the least favourite contestant for most viewers.
Finally, 'Bigg Boss' Gayathri evicted, faces uncomfortable questions from audience
Finally, 'Bigg Boss' Gayathri evicted, faces uncomfortable questions from audience
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Choreographer Gayathri Raguramm is finally out of Bigg Boss Tamil. Gayathri was the least favourite contestant in the house, with most viewers taking strong objection to the way in which she'd treated house favourite Oviya.

Gayathri also came under censure for her abusive language from none other than host Kamal Haasan who is a close family friend. Her attitude, perceived as arrogant and rude, by the watching public led to much social media discussion and memes on her. 

After she exited the Bigg Boss house (there was a big cheer when Kamal showed the audience her name as the one voted out) and came onstage, people from the audience made it clear that they'd not appreciated her stint at the house. 

Quite a few asked why she'd targeted Oviya or spoken certain words, with a school teacher even telling her that she'd told her students not to follow Gayathri's example! In her defence, Gayathri said that she'd behaved with the housemates the way she would have in her own home and that using abusive words was second nature to her, although she was apologetic about it.

"I did not understand how to play this game all this while," she said. 

Kamal interjected that he too had come under the public's wrath because of the perception that he was protecting Gayathri. Previously, there was much criticism against the host for going soft on Gayathri. Last week, Gayathri was on the verge of eviction but was saved because of a quiz engineered by Bigg Boss which gave her all the easy questions. 

An aggrieved Kamal further said that people had accused him of siding with Gayathri because they thought they belonged to the same caste. While Gayathri looked completely confused by this, Kamal asserted that he did not follow any caste and that it was pure evil.

After a short clip which captured some of Gayathri's moments at the house, the choreographer walked out, shaking people's hands on the way.

Gayathri's Facebook page is full of abuse from viewers who have called her vile names for her behaviour at the Bigg Boss house. Her mother had earlier said that the show was spoiling her daughter's name in society. As she left the show, Kamal reminded viewers that this was a reality TV game and that people should be forgiving of the contestants.

Interestingly, Oviya had also put out a video last week in which she appealed to her fans and others not to abuse the contestants for any reason. 

Even so, social media is still not satisfied with how Gayathri made an exit. Many ask why Gayathri wasn't shown a short film like contestant Julie was - Julie was shown how the people she considered the closest to her were actually talking behind her back. Gayathri's exit was too smooth and pleasant for many to stomach.

With the public's house favourite Oviya out and the three least favourites - Julie, Shakti, and Gayathri - exiting as well, the drama in the show has considerably come down. The new entrants Bindu Malini, Suja Varunee, Kajal, and Harish Kalyan have stirred things up a bit but it remains to be seen if the show can evoke the same interest from viewers. 

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