Filmmaker Sreenivasan’s house attacked for supporting Dileep? Black paint smeared

The actor mocked the attackers and also clarified that he had not 'supported' Dileep.
Filmmaker Sreenivasan’s house attacked for supporting Dileep? Black paint smeared
Filmmaker Sreenivasan’s house attacked for supporting Dileep? Black paint smeared
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A day after actor-filmmaker Sreenivasan came out in support of his colleague Dileep, his house was attacked with black paint by unidentified people. Police is trying to ascertain the reason behind the attack, but it is suspected that it was a fallout of his statement on Saturday.

Dileep is currently in judicial custody for his alleged role in the abduction and sexual assault of a Malayalam actor. Speaking about the case on Saturday, Sreenivasan said, "I don't think Dileep has done anything wrong. Time will prove his innocence.”

The attack was on Sreenivasan's house 'Vineeth' at Pukkottu Chetti, Kuthuparamb in Kannur. The house named after Sreenivasan's son Vineeth was built by him almost three decades ago. Sreenivasan and family no longer live there, and his friend Vinod and family are the occupants. 

It was around 8.30 am that Vinod realised that black oil had been smeared on both sides of the front gate, on the name board of the house saying 'Vineeth' and on the porch and adjacent walls. The police received the information about the attack after 10 in the morning on Sunday.

"The attack is assumed to have happened during Saturday night," Kathirur police told TNM.

Reacting to the incident, Sreenivasan told Manorama News that he was not sure why oil had been smeared, but had some sarcasm in store for the attackers. "I think they should throw black oil at MLA Ganesh Kumar's house too. In fact they should throw at the houses of anyone supporting Dileep and if oil isn't enough in India, they should import it," he told Manorama.

"When I was informed about the attack I said that no complaint should be filed. If they had poured on the entire house, it could have saved money to be used to paint the house," he added sarcastically.

He further clarified his statement about Dileep. "I did not support Dileep. I merely said that having known Dileep for so many years, I don't believe he could have done something so heinous. The police can prove the crime. But if those who speak for him are influencing the case and witnesses, then aren't those who are against him also not influencing the case with their statements?" the actor asked.

Sreenivasan, a native of Kannur, currently lives in Kochi. He is known for his satirical scripts and movies on politics and social life, and is looked upon as someone who stands against injustice. But in the Malayalam actor abduction and assault case, he chose to be silent.

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