Film industry strike enters 47th day: Actor Arvind Swami expresses impatience

The actor took to Twitter to state that he was tired of the strike and hopes that everybody can get back to making movies.
Film industry strike enters 47th day: Actor Arvind Swami expresses impatience
Film industry strike enters 47th day: Actor Arvind Swami expresses impatience
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The ongoing film industry strike by the Tamil Film Producers Council has its fraternity in displeasure and discontentment. Coming out in the open about it, actor Aravind Sami had tweeted: “To be honest, I am kind of getting tired of this strike. Want to get back to work. Have no idea of the progress made in the terms put forward or the negotiations. I just hope everyone can get back to working soon and making movies. Thousands affected, need quick resolutions.”

It may be mentioned here that the Tamil Film Producers Council had announced that all film-related work would come to a standstill from March 1st onwards over the exorbitant Virtual Print Fee levied by the digital service providers. With no Tamil film release for nearly 45 days now, the theatres have been relying on movies in other languages and re-releases.

The stalemate between the Producers’ Council and the Digital Service Providers are expected to be broken in a meeting that is scheduled to be held tomorrow, April 17th. Meanwhile, the Treasurer of the Tamil Film Producers’ Council, SR Prabhu has sought the intervention of the Tamil Nadu State Government in resolving the issue.

In an effort to resolve the ongoing film industry strike, the Tamil Film Producers’ Council had announced that it will collaborate with the new Digital Service Provider (DSP), Aerox. Following this, the latest announcement is that an agreement has been entered into with K Sera Sera Limited, an entertainment business player, which has about 1050 theatres across South India, to present E cinema digital services for Tamil films in theatres. And this will be done in accordance with the rates fixed by the Council. The deal with Aerox has been struck for less than 50% VPF from the existing rates in the market. With this, it is hoped the industry strike which has been going on for a month now will be called off.

What this means is that all Tamil movies will go through the mastering process at a facility in the Producers Council and this will ensure that the films are handed over to the theatres directly.

With the summer vacations due to begin soon, the filmmakers are keen on releasing their films during the month of April and May. In fact, several biggies, including the Rajinikanth starrer Kaala, are lined up for release later this month but with the ongoing strike it now remains uncertain.


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