Flix Wednesday, July 15, 2015 - 05:30
We’ve heard of people taking on each other on social media platforms, but Twitter users in the country today seem to have woken up with an intense distrust of all things Facebook. #FacebookiyasBeLike is trending on the social-networking platform, and it seems Twitter is not too pleased with certain habits of Facebook users. From issues related to poking to the dejectedness after not receiving enough “likes” on their display pictures, Twitter is dissecting the social activity of Indians on Facebook with zeal. Here are some of the tweets from the hashtag: #FacebookiyasBeLike At my dadaji's obituary- with 50 others. pls like and share to make his soul rest in peace. — Chirag R (@Rchirag123) July 15, 2015 When facebookiya joins #twitter #FacebookiyasBeLike pic.twitter.com/2rd5ZOc5Eu — vIjju (@iamvijaydaga) July 15, 2015 #FacebookiyasBeLike Hrithik Roshan as profile picture. Haan bhai aap toh Hrithik ke look-alike ho. — Akshay Chawdhry (@Akshay_Chawdhry) July 15, 2015 #FacebookiyasBeLike *uploads new profile picture* *aunt comments, "Hi Beta! How are you?"* — Ranjani Nagarajan (@RanjaniNRajan) July 15, 2015 #FacebookiyasBeLike *comments on the Group post that was posted in 2007* — Ranjani Nagarajan (@RanjaniNRajan) July 15, 2015 *Blah* *Blah* ... .. . *Blah* *Blah* ... .. . Comments: Friend 1: What happ? Reply: It's personal. #FacebookiyasBeLike — Deepa (@CurrlyGurly) July 15, 2015 #FacebookiyasBeLike Enjoying honeymoon with husband and 88 other people — Bubuhubu (@VedanshKanojia) July 15, 2015 #FacebookiyasBeLike *puts childhood pic and tags 50 people and adds caption * "awe I was so cute*. Me: exactly! You WERE cute! — Its Not Just Fashion (@sindhugupta) July 15, 2015 Boys click groupfie and post on Facebook. #FacebookiyasBeLike~Wah what a pic. Awesome Bhai.Brilliant pic. In reality~ pic.twitter.com/DyO8FJGmd4 — Amit.A. (@Amit_smiling) July 15, 2015 #FacebookiyasBeLike look I bought a DSLR so i will click 539 photos of this flower and will make a "mein bhi photographer" page — Joker Reincarnated (@gooljaar) July 15, 2015 #FacebookiyasBeLike Unless everyone sees 500 pics of me & my spouse frm 500 different angles how would they know we actually like each other — Vampire Fangs (@witchybitchygal) July 15, 2015
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