Facebook may start hiding 'Like' counts from posts
Facebook may start hiding 'Like' counts from posts

Facebook may start hiding 'Like' counts from posts

This is already being tested on Instagram in seven countries.

Facebook is looking at restricting the display of ‘likes’ that appear below posts. It is reported that the move has been initiated already in Instagram and may be extended to Facebook as well. The objective behind this is that people tend to get discouraged by the small number of ‘likes’ they get for their posts and are dissuaded from going ahead and posting more messages on their Facebook pages.

The proposed change Facebook plans on bringing is to make this number visible only to the one who posted the message and not to the others. There are at least 7 countries which include Brazil and Canada where Instagram has implemented this new feature. Facebook is yet to share its experience with the Instagram experiment. The worry for the social media giant is if this brings down the number of posts on these sites then it could directly impact its ad revenue. The company would not want this to happen. The idea will be to encourage more members to post their individual moments so that their friends are kept in the loop and they can make their own comments as well.

Observers see a shift in the way Facebook is being used by the members of late. One change being noticed is that if people are using both Instagram and Facebook, they choose the former to share their daily escapades in the form of videos and photos. In the case of Facebook, the sharing happens only for special occasions like birthdays or other events which may happen not so often. 

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