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| The News Minute | November 18, 2014 | 05:21 pm IST The Sachin Tendulkar autobiography entitled “Playing it my way” officially hit the stands on November 8 and was out on the internet made to download on November 9.  Even “God” has not been spared by the curse of online piracy, and this will only add to the online content library already existing with a host of Tendulkar content on it. A version of the book was first available on torrents, and now, a pdf version has surfaced on the internet and is freely available to download. We Indians were probably first exposed to the world of online piracy with peer-to-peer (or P2P) software like “Kazaa”, “LimeWire” and “WinMX”. But these were experiments with 128.8k modems which yielded less “download speeds”.  As soon as broadband got into the game, torrents probably exploded onto the scene and movies could now be on your laptop screens a day after being released. On some occasions, even before the movie was released. Bad print yes, bad sound yes, but you’re home and it was free. Now with the infamous 2G, the yet to become standard 3G, and its big brother 4G already in the market, an ebook can be downloaded online, on your phone, within minutes.  Soon, we will be watching full length features on our phones as bandwidths increase, or in simple English, as “download speeds get crazier”.  So, Sachin can now also claim to have probably set another record. Of probably having the most accessible ebook on the planet.  Note: This may also be because a Royal Family of Bihar has a problem with “Half-Girlfriend”.