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The News Minute| November 9, 2014| 11.00 am IST A man being being fed to an anaconda, then comes out unharmed from the snake's belly, both man and snake survive the extreme stunt... That's what 'Eaten Alive', a show commissioned by Discovery channel is all about.  Animal activists are fuming about the show that will feature wildlife filmmaker Paul Rosolie crawling into the belly of the snake, wearing a "snake-proof” suit coated with pig's blood to tempt the anaconda. In spite of the huge opposition, the first teaser of the special has gone viral. Paul Rosoli's file picture PETA has said, "This blatant publicity stunt sounds far-fetched, but if the description is accurate, the snake was tormented and suffered for the sake of ratings – as animals usually do when they’re used for entertainment. Anacondas go days without eating and expend the energy needed to do so selectively. Making this snake use up energy by swallowing this fool and then possibly regurgitating him would have left the poor animal exhausted and deprived of the energy that he or she needs. Shame on this pseudo ‘wildlife expert’ for tormenting this animal, and shame on the Discovery Channel for giving him the incentive to do so." A Change.org petition to stop the show has reached more than 3,000 signatures. The petition describes the stunt as an act of animal cruelty:"This is animal abuse to the highest degree and absolutely disgusting, and could kill the snake - an adult green anaconda cannot fit the width of an adult man's shoulders into it's body, no matter how it ends, this is animal cruelty" says the petition But Rosolie claims that he is an animal lover and responded to critics in a tweet: If u know me - I would never hurt a living thing. But you'll have to watch #EatenAlive to find out how it goes down! http://t.co/QvxZO2dS3V — Paul Rosolie (@PaulRosolie) November 5, 2014 Discovery has kept the more details secret, but a representative from the channel assured Entertainment Weekly that it wasn't a hoax and that the snake doesn't die during the stunt.
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