The Fire and Rescue Services DGP has asked for a clarification

Engineering colleges Onam rally that had students piling on vehicles including a fire truckFacebook pages, Southlive
news Monday, August 24, 2015 - 14:06

It was on Wednesday that 20-year-old Tashni Basheer, a third year engineering student of the College of Engineering, Thiruvananthapuram was mowed down by a jeep that was part of an Onam rally in her college. On Friday, as Thasni’s dead body was kept on public display for people to pay respects and a debate was raging on if Onam revelry was crossing limits in Kerala, another college in the state saw celebrations that even broke a few laws.

A section of students of the Adoor IHRD engineering college took out a rally in the road connecting Adoor to Kollam. As if bikes, cars, a state transport bus, a crane and a bull dozer weren’t enough, the students also used a fire engine in the rally.


Throwing all caution to the wind, they overcrowded the vehicles, sitting on the bonnets, hanging out from windows and doors, the pictures clearly show the ‘hooliganistic’ celebration.



The Fire and Rescue Services Department officials told the media that the students booked the vehicle and sprayed the water as part of celebrations.

Some students responded on Facebook claiming that similar celebrations had been organized the previous year too and they had not been influenced by any movies. The Kerala DGP in an interview to The News Minute had blamed recent blockbuster Premam and other movies of negatively influencing students.