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This uncompromising and thorough political journalism is expensive. To produce a story, to get a video out, it costs a lot of money.
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Thenewsminute journalists
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In India, media has turned the election season into blood sport in trading allegations and predicting winners, when it should be a season for holding our leaders accountable and asking them the tough questions. At The News Minute, we focussed on accountability and asked the tough questions. We engaged in a collaborative effort to adequately inform the public about the candidates, their policies and the ideology of the respective parties. The News Minute’s journalists travelled to several parts of Kerala and Tamil Nadu and brought out stories covering all relevant stakeholders unabated, and without any bias.

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Here is a quick round up of the stuff we did.

With social media changing the entire landscape of politics, we wrote about how DMK and ADMK are using this means to suit their electioneering. In the same vein we also wrote about how it is contributing to holding the politicians accountable for their offensive comments.

We covered the third front’s continuous non-performance and the purpose of NOTA. We examined whether the  DMK can really abolish NEET and what BJP leaders mean when they say that the DMK doesn't want Hindu votes. We examined how AIADMK fared with their 2016 poll promises. We went to Kovilpatti and reported on a three cornered fight where caste reigns supreme.

Our reporters from Kerala gave voice to the woes of Idukki plantation workers in the face of the Assembly elections. We shed light on the developmental politics of the Sabarimala issue. We covered the BJP’s hopes of winning the Manjeshwar constituency in the midst of widespread religious polarisation. Will LDF win again? We asked the Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan himself. Our ground report from Nemam suggested a strong three way race unlike the other constituencies.

And here is how we asked the tough questions.

We at the News Minute, believe this goes in hand with our long term goal of creating and sustaining a global community for news and views from the South. All through the years building up to the final season of this democratic process, we ensured that the lived experiences of voters got the space they deserved.

This uncompromising and thorough political journalism is expensive. To produce a story, to get a video out, or to simply publish a press release, it costs a lot of money.

Independent media is the cornerstone of democracy and it is the media's role to be the watchdog during elections and to institutions themselves so as to ensure the transparency of this sacred process. We did that for you.

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