'Drishyam' vs 'Paapanasam': Kamal's post on meeting Nolan turns into fan battleground

Kamal Haasan's social media post turned into a battleground for fans who argued about who's a better actor - Kamal or Mohanlal?
'Drishyam' vs 'Paapanasam': Kamal's post on meeting Nolan turns into fan battleground
'Drishyam' vs 'Paapanasam': Kamal's post on meeting Nolan turns into fan battleground
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When actor-politician Kamal Haasan posted a picture of him meeting Hollywood director Christopher Nolan, the last thing he’d have expected is for the comments section to become a battleground for his and Malayalam actor Mohanlal’s fans.

On Friday, Kamal posted a photo on his social media pages with Nolan. He said, “Apologized for seeing Dunkirk in the digital format and in return am sending Hey Ram in digital format for him to see. Was surprised to know he had seen Paapanaasam.”

Released in 2015 and starring Kamal, Paapanaasam is a Tamil thriller, and a remake of the 2013 Malayalam film Drishyam.

This didn't go unnoticed by fans who flooded the comments section with suggestions for Nolan to watch Drishyam first, which starred their “complete actor” Mohanlal. Soon enough, Kamal fans came on to the page to defend their star. One of them pointed out politely that while he agreed, “to say that the top actors from India, Kamal stands at first place followed by Mamootty and Mohanlal. Kamal is the acting dictionary. Mohanlal is the complete actor too.”

Others compared the box office collection of the two films to make their point.

Check out some of the other comments.

One person went on another tangent altogether, asking people to watch Suspect X, a film he claimed that Drishyam was copied from. This particular plagiarism allegation has been leveled at director Jeethu Joseph previously and the filmmaker has emphatically denied it.

Apart from Mohanlal’s fans defending Drishyam’s originality, and hence superiority over Paapanasam, Mammootty was also pulled into the debate.

Meanwhile, others called for the comparisons and debates about who’s the better actor to stop, and appreciate two cinematic legends being in one frame.

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