Don’t let these myths stop you from taking charge of your dating journey

Bumble’s India Relationship Expert Shahzeen Shivdasani debunks myths around online dating.
Don’t let these myths stop you from taking charge of your dating journey
Don’t let these myths stop you from taking charge of your dating journey
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Online dating has become the norm in India to build meaningful relationships. Bumble’s nationwide study, conducted last year, revealed that 72% of single Indians think it is possible to fall in love with someone virtually, someone they have never met in person. As more people connect online, Bumble’s India Relationship Expert, Shahzeen Shivdasani shares her advice on debunking some taboos and myths around online dating:  

It is difficult to start conversations with someone online

Initiating conversations online might not come naturally to many people and can sometimes hold them back. Fun quick opening lines are always a good option when you’re unsure what to say. If you really want to have a zesty back-and-forth or fun banter to get things going, scroll through their Bumble profile to see what you have in common, and ask a question that’ll make them come up with an engaging response. Bumble’s Question Game, for example, is also a great way to have an interesting conversation starter.

It’s easier to meet people in real life

While most people believe it is easier to meet people IRL, meeting like-minded people as well as people from different walks of life can be a lot easier online! With many filters on dating apps, you can assess your compatibility. It's a simple way of putting yourself out there and seeing what the dating pool truly has to offer. 

You won’t find long-lasting connections

You can meet new people at your own pace when you’re dating online, it gives you the freedom to explore new connections at your own time and on your own terms. There have been many successful relationships that have emerged between people who met on dating apps like Bumble, like Sanya and Utkarsh from Delhi who found each other on Bumble in 2021 and were engaged to each other in just three months!            

You don’t get responses from the people you like

Much like in real life, your crush may or may not like you back. However, as per Bumble’s study, the more information someone shares on their Bumble profiles, the more likely they are to find a new connection online. People on Bumble in India receive 256% more matches than people who leave it blank or don’t complete it. Take advantage of Bumble’s Badges which allow you to easily indicate things like your height, star sign, religion, political leanings, if you have pets, etc. - adding at least one Badge on your profile increases your chance of getting a match by up to 327% than people who don’t. 

It’s so embarrassing

What often makes people resist getting on a dating app is the fear of being seen by friends, family or colleagues. The first thing to remember is that the people who are seeing you are using the app as well! So why not make the move to take charge of your dating journey?

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