The hospital superintendent said that performing a puja is not a crime and hence no inquiry was needed.

Doctors cautioned over homam at Hyderabads Gandhi hospital but no inquiry by govt
news Health Wednesday, July 26, 2017 - 13:08

Doctors at the Gandhi hospital, Hyderabad, were cautioned against conducting any ritual ceremonies in the hospital premises.

The warning comes in the wake of a ‘Mruthyunjaya Homam’ at the gynaecology ward in an attempt to bring down maternal and newborn deaths.

The hospital’s superintendent Dr Shravan Kumar, said that there was no necessity for an inquiry into the incident, but issued a warning.

On Tuesday, the doctors from the gynaecology department had performed a homam inside the ward, almost choking the patients with the smoke.

The 'homam' was conducted by four priests, in which several professors and students were also seen participating. Ironically, while the doctors conducted the puja for the well-being of the patients, many complained of inconveniences because the doctors were busy at the ritual.

When the news came to light, rationalists hit out at the doctors, saying that those who were supposed to promote a scientific temperament were instead promoting blind faith.

 The issue then reached the state’s health department, and it was expected that a probe would be conducted.

However, the Superintendent brushed off the incident saying that the doctors had done the puja with a noble intent. Nonetheless, he cautioned them against repeating it.

He told Deccan Chronicle, “Performing the puja was not a crime. There is no need to constitute an inquiry. It was a puja done for the well-being of patients.”

 “A warning has been issued to all doctors not to indulge in any puja inside the hospital premises,” he added.