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The Osmo Action comes with a front facing display, which can capture selfies and vlog style videos, something GoPro doesn’t have.

If you thought the action camera Go Pro Hero 7 had no competition, here is one from DJI, the brand known for its range of drones and gimbals. Osmo Action, launched by DJI has some unique features to this new offering that could impress the buyers into buying this gadget.

The twin display is one such feature. A 1.4-inch full colour display in the front is supplemented by another touchscreen display of 2.25-inch size in the rear. The purpose served by the front camera is to help while clicking images. If you are clicking a selfie, the focus can be adjusted with the help of this display. The comparable models from other brands do not have this feature.

Now coming to the main camera specifications, there is a 12MP CMOS sensor with a 1/2.3-inch lens that has an aperture size of f/2.8. It offers a 145-degree field of view. You can shoot 4k 60fps videos at 100Mbps or 240fps video at 1080p or lower resolutions. Shooting in HDR at up to 30 frames per second is also enabled on DJI’s Osmo Action camera.

Regarding software, there is the proprietary RockSteady feature which is nothing but Electronic Image Stabilisation (EIS). DJI claims the beauty of this feature is even if you were shooting at 4K 60fps, the EIS can be activated and it does a fairly decent job. Action cameras find usage under different conditions; like under water. So, this Osmo Action camera can work under water up to 11 metres, without being damaged. Some of the other specifications include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2 and and a 1,300mAh battery. Users can download the DJI app and use it to control the camera from the mobile.

The retail price of this Osmo Action camera from DJI is $349. This would come up to approximately Rs 24, 500.