In India the situation has worsened quite a lot in one year.

On Diwali day a study that tells you how Indians arent giving enough
news Deepavali Data Wednesday, November 11, 2015 - 13:38

Inspite of numerous festivals and various reasons to celebrate, India is not a very generous giver.

The Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) World Giving Index ranked India 106th out of 145 nations (down from 69th last year) when it comes to generosity across various parameters such as helping a stranger, donating money, and time spent volunteering. Myanmar maintained its top ranking in the list, with 66% of its people indulged in giving-related activity.

The study explains this by saying - "Myanmar’s strong culture of Theravada Buddhism, in which devotees practice Sangha Dana, continues to drive high levels of giving."

The Asian nation is followed by United States, New Zealand, Canada and Australia; constituting the top five.

India's ranking is much lower than its neighbouring countries such as Pakistan (94th), Sri Lanka (8th), Nepal (76th), Bangladesh (95th). In fact, it is lowest amongst all eight South Asian nations. China, however, is almost at the bottom of the list, ranked at 145th.

In India the situation has worsened quite a lot in one year. 25% of Indians indulge in giving, with 37% Indians helping strangers, 20% donating money, and only 17% volunteering full-time.

Last year, India had 29% of people giving, with 39% helping strangers, 28% donating money and 21% volunteering full time.

The major drop in ranking is also because globally, nations have become more generous at a time when India has fallen in generosity indicators. India does have the largest number of individuals when it comes to all three parameters, this is mainly because of its large population.

Additionally, a declining trend when it comes to giving, is not a positive indicator for a nation where festivals like Diwali and Raksha Bandhan encourage the act of gifting.

The study highlights this fact by saying,"Despite an increase in average global participation levels for donating money and helping a stranger, the actual number of people taking part in all three ways of giving has fallen. This is due to a number of large countries, most notably India and China, where decreased participation translates to tens of millions fewer people giving."

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