“With all the rumours about our relationship and marriage, Kavya has been the scapegoat,” he said.

Dileep appeals for public support after wedding requests media not to publish negative reports
Flix Wedding Friday, November 25, 2016 - 12:14

Malayalam cinema's star couple Kavya Madhavan and Dileep tied the knot on Friday, in a private ceremony held in Kochi. 

The official ceremony appears to have put to rest the gossip and long-standing rumours about their alleged relationship, something that was perceived as the reason for their separation from their respective partners. 

Speaking to the media after the ceremony, the newly-weds sought the support and prayers from the public and requested media persons not to publish "negative reports." Dileep's daughter, Meenakshi also stood by her father, while he spoke to the media. 

"We need your support to lead a good life ahead," Dileep said.

Reiterating the statements he made in a Facebook live video, published a few minutes before the wedding, Dileep told journalists that he deemed it fit to marry Kavya, whose name had been consistently linked with his. 

"The only crime both of us did was to act in about 20 films together. With all the rumours about our relationship and marriage, Kavya has been the scapegoat. When I expressed willingness to have a life partner, to which my family including my daughter consented, I thought it appropriate to marry Kavya. I couldn't have married anyone else," Dileep said, as Kavya stood beside him, patiently waiting for her turn to speak. 

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When asked, Kavya too, reiterated that the couple needed the support and cooperation of the people in their decision. 

"Both of us need to lead a good life ahead," Kavya said. 

However, Dileep was quick to correct her and said, 

"Not just the two of us. Three, including my daughter Meenakshi. In fact four...my mother too." 

Several television reports had in the past speculated Dileep's daughter Meenakshi had disagreed to their wedding. This, however, was refuted by the actor, who had then asked the media not to drag his daughter into the issue.

Meenakshi told reporters that she was indeed happy for her father. 

"I told him to do so," she said. 

Producer Ranjith, Mammotty, Jayaram, Narain and his wife Manju, Joshi, director Siddique, actors Jo Mol, Meera Jasmine and Chippy, Janardhanan, Kukku Parameshwaran, yesteryear actor Menaka and her family were among those who attended the wedding which was limited to about 250 guests.

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