Didn’t ‘trap’ Dileep, have no real estate deals with him: Assaulted actor speaks out

The survivor has asserted that the guilty should face justice.
Didn’t ‘trap’ Dileep, have no real estate deals with him: Assaulted actor speaks out
Didn’t ‘trap’ Dileep, have no real estate deals with him: Assaulted actor speaks out
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The Malayalam actor who was abducted and sexually assaulted in February has now spoken out about the arrest of actor Dileep in connection with the case. This is the first time that the survivor has spoken out since Dileep’s arrest, and she has given her statement regarding several rumours around her.

Slamming rumours that she was trying to ‘trap’ Dileep in the case over personal vengeance, the actor said, “Even I was shocked when I first heard the news (of the arrest). I have not taken anyone’s name, and I have previously, too, clarified this.”

“I am not in a mental state to come on Television channels, which is why I am writing this statement. On February 17, I went through an unfortunate incident. I took the case to the police and the investigation in the case is going on. I was also shocked to hear the developments that occurred in last few days,” she wrote.

While she did not name actor Dileep, the survivor said, “I have acted with this particular actor in several films. It is true that because of some personal differences, we had to discontinue our friendship.”

“When I enquired about the details of his arrest through media and other circles, I’ve come to know that all the evidence is against the actor. If this actor is claiming that he has been framed in the case, then let that truth come out. Or if he is indeed guilty, that truth should come out as well,” she said. “Everyone is equal before the law,” she added.

“An innocent person should not be punished and a guilty person has to be brought before the law,” the survivor asserted.

The actor also denied rumours that she had real estate dealings with Dileep. “Ever since the case was reported, another rumour going around is that I have had real estate dealings with this actor. This is false. I have no dealings with this actor, financial or otherwise,” she said.

“I did not speak about this earlier because there is no grain of truth in this rumour, and I hoped that the false news would die down on its own. Now that I see that it’s still going around, I have chosen to clarify,” the actor explained.

“The investigating officers can probe into this angle, and I am ready to submit whatever documents they require to prove my claim,” she added.

Recently, there was a video of the survivor circulating on social media, where she was seen thanking people for their support. The undated, six-second video was purported to be her statement thanking people for supporting her in the aftermath of the sexual assault.

However, the survivor in her statement has now clarified that she has not released any video online.

“Since I am not on social media including Facebook or Twitter, I want to clarify that videos circulating in my name on several accounts under my name, are done without my knowledge.”

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