Did Vogue photoshop Kareena's stretch marks? Magazine faces fire online

Social media users criticised the fashion magazine for allegedly covering up the Bollywood actor’s pregnancy and childbirth marks.
Did Vogue photoshop Kareena's stretch marks? Magazine faces fire online
Did Vogue photoshop Kareena's stretch marks? Magazine faces fire online
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Vogue India came under criticism on social media on Wednesday for allegedly heavily photoshopping a picture of Bollywood actor Kareen Kapoor.

In the photo uploaded on Vogue's Instagram account, Kareena can be seen in an orange bikini and a white netted wrap, against the backdrop of the sea. Asking how a woman who delivered a baby recently can look so untouched by childbirth, several users have alleged that Vogue had photoshopped out the stretch marks and sagging belly that childbirth leaves women with.

Here are some comments on the photograph:

kiahwadhwani: Woah ! If u think thats how a mother's body looks after childbirth @vogueindia doesnt realise how damaging can it be for mothers who are struggling to lose those pounds despite their hectic lives . Photoshop may beautify your covers but it makes an ugly statement ! If it was a beautiful mother standing tall flaunting her stretch marks it wud have been applaud worthy ! Wake up to reality @vogueindia

swatishuklamishra: This ain't real... Where r the stretch marks and the tummy sag? The extra pounds on thighs? If this is your idea of body-perfection then perhaps you are even ashamed of the way your mom looks...

aman_sandhuk: Wow @vogueindia giving false dreams to women out there.... I am truly in favour she's glamorous and all but this picture seems too photoshopped. Something is not right with this picture. Didn't expected from @vogueindia

geetibh: Shame on you @vogueindia for not promoting a natural healthy post childbirth body image ...

Kareena's son Taimur Ali Khan turned one in December 2017. Kareena's post-pregnancy fitness regimen has made it to the headlines several times last year, with one report in October saying the actor works out for 10 hours a day. So it's entirely possible that she is back to her pre-pregnancy body, but as social-media users have pointed out, it's unlikely that she has no marks at all to show for what is arguably one of the most strenuous physical experiences that women go through.

On the other hand, fashion magazines have always edited out what they deem as body flaws. So even if the model in question had a mole or a scar, the scissors would have come out – even though such practices which set unrealistic beauty standards for women are increasingly being questioned.

Kareena is yet to respond to the comments.

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