news Thursday, July 16, 2015 - 05:30
The capital city of Delhi has been perceived to be unsafe for women but it would seem that no one is, after a woman from the city was arrested by the police for allegedly robbing an auto-driver and trying to film him in a compromising position with her, a report in The Indian Express says.  According to a report in The Times of India, the earlier incident left the auto-driver, 41-year-old Umesh Prasad with fractures in both legs as he attempted to escape the woman’s clutches. 32-year-old Renu Lalwani has been arrested by the Delhi Police but her accomplice, reportedly from Tanzania, is still absconding,  The report mentions that Lalwani hired Prasad for the ride on Tuesday night, and offered to pay Rs 100 for a commute of about 8 kilometres. On the way to their destination, he claims the woman asked him for money and offered to return it when she got home. When they reached her place, Prasad says that Lalwani asked him to help her with her bags, and he complied. After reaching her place, Prasad says that the woman asked him to shut the door. According to him, the woman offered him alcohol, which he refused. He claims that she then asked him for sexual favours and says that an African person then entered the room. Prasad says that the woman tore off his clothes while her friend filmed it on a phone. He claims she took away his mobile phone and his wallet. It is then that Prasad says he managed to escape, and jumped off the balcony which resulted in fractures to both legs. He is being treated in a hospital. The woman has been booked for robbery and kidnapping, adds the report. 
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