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Few weeks ago, Mahalakshmi's two-wheeler slipped and hit the ground, and she suffered major head injuries. Her family needs Rs. 25 lakh for her medical bills. You can help them.

This Deepavali help this single mother return from the ICU to her only son
Friday, October 25, 2019 - 15:15


13-year-old Govind hasn’t seen his mother Mahalakshmi for weeks now. Every day he asks his grandmother, Lakshmamma, when his mother will return home. Lakshamamma tells him she has fever will be back soon, but doesn’t have the strength to tell him that his mother is in the ICU, battling between life and death.

Lakshmamma tries her best to put up a brave front. But despite giving her grandson all the assurances, she is constantly haunted by the thought of losing her daughter.

On August 19, when Mahalakshmi was going to her son's school for parent-teacher meeting, her two-wheeler slipped and hit the ground. Mahalakshmi’s helmet went off and she suffered major head injuries. Passersby rushed her to the hospital where she was immediately admitted to the ICU. Since then, she has hardly regained consciousness.

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“My daughter has led such a difficult life, but she has always been a fighter. I hope that she fights and wins this battle too,” says Lakshmamma, trying hard to hold back her tears. Six years back, Mahalakshmi was abandoned by her husband. She had nothing but a young child in her arms. She moved in with her aged mother, held herself strong, and started working at a parlor to provide for her family. Finally, after years, when things finally changed for the better for her and her family, she met with this dreadful accident.

Mahalakshmi’s condition is very critical. The accident has caused serious damage to her brain. The reports suggested that she has left frontotemporal contusion with mass effect and oedema. She has been undergoing treatment in the neuro ICU. However, owing to her financial condition, it seems difficult to continue her treatment as the hospital bills will mount up to a staggering Rs. 25 lakhs.

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Lakshmamma has already sold off the little jewellery she had for her daughter’s treatment but is still unable to arrange the required sum. “For days, Govind has been waiting for his mother. If we don’t get the required money, he will never be able to meet her. Even the thought is heart-wrenching,” Lakshmamma cries.

“Whenever I visit my daughter in the ICU, I hold her hand and tell her to be strong. It kills me to see her in such a state. Her condition is worsening with each passing moment. We’ll lose her without your support,” she says.

Mahalakshmi’s condition is very critical. She will not be able to go back to her son if her treatment discontinues. Her friend is trying hard to help her but is unable to arrange the required sum. Your contributions can save her life. Please donate generously.

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