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The News Minute | December 25, 2014 | 07.05 am IST Ten years back , as thousands of people were caught unaware, a devastating tsunami struck a number of countries after an undersea megathrust earthquake struck off the west coast of Sumatra, Indonesia. Causing the death of over 3,00,000 people in nearly fourteen countries, the Indian Ocean tsunami took the people living on the east coast of India by surprise when it struck in the wee hours of 26 December,2004. A decade later, people have moved on. While the memories have lived on, some have rebuilt all that they have lost, while some still look on for loved ones, even today. Here are some of those stories√Ę‚ā¨¬¶ Karibeeran Parameswaran went to the beach opposite his Nagapattinam house that fateful early morning with his entire family of eleven, except his wife who stayed behind at home to cook a large breakfast. After the tsunami struck, he returned home alone, his children amongst the family members he lost. ¬† Even though they lost all their three children in the tsunami, he and his wife have rebuilt their future around 37 other children - through an organisation 'Nambikai' .¬† Read their inspiring story -¬†He lost 3 children in the Asian Tsunami, today he is Appa to 37 For IAF officer Ravi Shankar everyday is a re-enactment of that fateful Boxing Day ten years back when he lost his 10 year-old daughter. Even though his one year-old son did not survive the tsunami, the last time he saw his daughter was in a truck on the way to a relief camp.¬† Ten years down the line, he is still found distributing photos of his daugher hoping to somehow trace her.¬† Read his story¬†For the last 10 years this man has been looking for his daughter washed away in the tsunami For many, witnessing the aftermath of the devastating earthquake was a coincidence. But for one journalist, it became one of the most difficult experiences in her life as she heard story after story of personal loss. "Ten years ago, I too had stood on a mass grave which had swallowed up the bodies of more than a hundred children. I am branded forever with that memory. Then too, children had died without realizing what had hit them." Read this story¬†10 years after a tsunami, a lookback into those moments I wished I wasn't a journalist Twenty three girls landed up at the¬†Annai Sathya Government Orphanage in Nagapattinam district when they lost one or both parents in the devastating tsunami. Today, not one of them fear the sea.¬† As they discuss their future plans, goals, and career choices, it is apparent that the girls have moved on .¬† Read their story -¬†I want to become an IAS officer, says girl who lost parents in 2004 tsunami If the east coast faced the maximum brunt of the tsunami in India, the Car Nicobar islands, the northern most islands part of the Nicobar islands were not spared either. When an aircraft carrying Indian Airforce personnel landed on the island, all they found were decomposing bodies buried under wreckage.¬† Read their story -¬†This IAF team rebuilt an entire Air Force Station after 2004 Tsunami on the Car Nicobar islands In Nagapattinam alone, the tsunami struck and killed nearly 6,100 people. But for this town, most affected by this calamity, today more and more girls are being vocal about their dreams and aspirations. Following the emergence of self-help groups to help families cope with the losses inflicted by the tsunami, more and more women are speaking up, and that's not all. Even prevalence of child marriage has reduced over the years. Read this story -¬†Post tsunami, more women's voices are being heard in this Tamil Nadu town most affected¬†