David prevails over Goliath in Hummer case: Chandrabose's family wants death for Nisham

How Chandrabose's family withstood pressure and fought off megalomaniac Nisham
David prevails over Goliath in Hummer case: Chandrabose's family wants death for Nisham
David prevails over Goliath in Hummer case: Chandrabose's family wants death for Nisham
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On Wednesday morning, a bus full of anxious people from the village of Vilakkumkal travelled to Thrissur city 18 kms away. Five of them entered the Thrissur District Court, as cameras diligently tracked their movement. The two women in the group were Jamanthi and Ambujam, wife and mother of security guard Chandrabose.

Just about a year ago, Jamanthi’s husband Kattungal Chandrabose had been admitted to a hospital critically injured after a vicious attack by beedi tycoon Mohammed Nisham who was upset that the gate to his apartment complex had not been opened promptly. A few weeks later, Chandrabose succumbed to his injuries.

Jamanthi sat praying almost throughout the time the judgement was being read out by the judge. She burst into tears as the Public Prosecutor described in Malayalam how Nisham called her husband a dog.

It's been a huge struggle for the family as the media continuously reported about even top police officers being 'influenced' by Nisham. But in spite of it being a David vs Goliath battle, the family clung on to their faith, diligently coming to court everyday to witness proceedings. 

Jamanthi and Chandrabose both hailed from the same village of Kanjani in Thrissur.

Chandrabose was a manual laborer who used to tap toddy and Jamanthi used to work as a daily wage labourer in the diamond polishing industry.

Chandrabose who had contracted severe back pain after six years of rigorous work, then started working at a restaurant. Saving each rupee, he bought an autorickshaw.

That too did not turn out to be profitable. He then started working as a security guard. The couple’s struggle went on for some more time and Jamanthi left for Dubai to work as a nanny. With her precious savings, they bought a small plot in Thrissur. 

The family then shifted to their newly built one-room home. Six years later, when Chandrabose had finally managed to add one more room and was excited about finishing the roofing, Nisham happened.

“My Bose-ettan was killed. He is no longer in this world. The man who killed him should also not be in this world,” Jamanthi told TNM after the judge pronounced his verdict.

She did not even want the compensation of Rs 5 crores that the Public Prosecutor Udayabhanu had asked for. “I don’t want his money. Even if I have to be a coolie all my life, I will work and look after my children,” she said.

Amal Dev, Chandrabose’s son is in tenth standard, while daughter Revati studies at NIT, Kozhikode.

Did anyone offer you money? reporters ask. “They will never dare to influence us. We want only one thing from them, our Bose. Can Nisham give him back to us?” shot back Pradeep, Jamanthi’s cousin.

Jamanthi and the rest of the family have only one wish now, that Mohammed Nisham should get nothing less than the death penalty.

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