The page Meme Yahi Banayenge, which has over 1,300 followers, regularly puts up anti-Muslim, anti-Ambedkar posts.

Dalits in Telangana launch campaign to remove Instagram page abusing the community Screenshot
news Hatred Friday, July 20, 2018 - 16:14

An Instagram page called Meme Yahi Banayenge, which has over 1,300 followers, has been doing the rounds among netizens. The page features 117 memes, which smack of hatred against Dalits, Muslims and Dr BR Ambedkar.

The page has several offensive memes against Bhim Army, Bahujan Samaj Party chief Mayawati, Jawarhal Nehru University and Kanhaiya Kumar, all who have been resisting the Bharatiya Janata Party.

Reacting to these casteist memes, a few Dalit rights activists launched a social media campaign to report the page. 

Dalit Rights activist Karthik Navayan Battula, who initiated a social media campaign against the page, told TNM, “These memes are nothing but hatred against Dalits. The upper-caste communities are unable to digest the fact that Dalits are progressing in every sphere and are posing a challenge to them at every level. Their hatred towards Ambedkar is because he ensured such equality through the Constitution.”

In addition to reporting the page for the hateful memes, he said they are also considering filing a police complaint.  There are also several misogynist memes on the page.

In one of the offensive posts, the meme reads 'Dalit’s favourite superhero? Sweeperman', in which, Ambedkar is seen with a broom in a Superman costume. In another post, Ambedkar is seen crucified, with a text that reads “He died for our seats”.

When Karthik applauded a woman for criticizing the admin for making casteist jokes, the admin replied, “He is just a toilet cleaner” (sic).

Taking a dig at BSP chief Mayawati, one of the posts says that Mayawati will become Miss India in 2030 under the SC/ST reservation. There are posts against the Muslim community as well.


Last year in January, anti-caste activists found a similar Facebook page called ‘Best Indian Memes for Creamy Teens’, which had shared similar hate content against Ambedkar and Dalits. Though several had reported the page, Facebook said they cannot take it down as it does not violate its standards. Following a mass social media campaign, which called for Dalits across the country to file a complaint with the police in their respective jurisdiction, the page was later taken down.