Demonetisation has resulted in endless work for bank employees, time to say thanks.

Cupcakes and flowers for bank employees who have been toiling for daysScreenshot
Social Video Thursday, November 24, 2016 - 09:28

Ever since the Prime Minister announced demonetisation, lakhs of bank employees across the country have been working tirelessly to serve never ending queues of customers.

There have been several stories reported of bank employees falling sick and a few even dying due to exhaustion.

So, what can one do in return?

A video on Facebook shows a woman moving from counter to counter at a State Bank of India branch in Lucknow, and distributing rose flowers to the bank employees and thanking them.

She says, “You are working like the soldiers of our country.” There was lot of applauding and appreciating by other customers too.


104 FM radio's Sriram and Rupali went to SBI Bank in Kormangala and gave cupcakes to bank employees.

While other customers at the branch applauded, the bank employees could be seen beaming while accepting the cupcakes.

Sriram says, “We thought, we should extend a special gesture to these bank employees who have been working tirelessly.”

Thanking the initiative, a bank employee says, “We appreciate this move and atleast someone acknowledged that we are working day and night.”



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