A creep's chronicles: Man gropes women in public, posts videos on social media

The profile of the man who posted videos where his hand is seen feeling up women's backs has been blocked.
A creep's chronicles: Man gropes women in public, posts videos on social media
A creep's chronicles: Man gropes women in public, posts videos on social media
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A man's hand reaches out to the bare backs of women in public spaces, and gropes them in full public view. Not only did the molester videograph his own act, but also proceeded to post the videos on social media.

Just two months after the Hyderabad police arrested a man for walking around during Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations and molesting numerous women, a similar - if not a more horrifying - incident is now being reported.

A user on Instagram who goes by the name Vinay Nair, has been consistently posting videos of him groping women in public. Declaring himself to be a "big fan of backless blouse wearing women," most of his victims are women who are dressed in sarees.

It was a Facebook user, who happened to come across the profile, who exposed the vicious account on Tuesday.

Recounting the incident, Angad Gummaraju from Udupi posted on Facebook:

"I was looking for blouse designs a few days ago, and guess what I found. An account of a man filming himself touching women on the streets. A goddamn account of his 'trophies', of every time he's touched a woman's body against her will. Makes me sick to my stomach."

Angad also posted a screenshot of the Instagram profile, which also revealed that the profile has as many as 1634 followers and 140 posts. Of these, at least 60 are videos of him groping women in public, reported The Indian Express.

The report also put out a screenshot of one of Vinay's Instagram photos, that showed the back of a saree-clad woman. The photo that was uploaded from Thane railway station, has used several objectionable hashtags too, one of them being #100backlessblouses.

The same profile exists on Facebook by the same name. Another screenshot Angad posted is that of Vinay's post from May 2016 uploaded from Ghatkopar in Mumbai. The photo, that shows his hand resting on a woman's back, goes with the description: "Da epic photo. Pic taken when I was touching this Bengali bitch. Photo courtesy Rohit." Vinay has also tagged two of his friends- Rohit Sharma and Raj Sharma on this particular photo, which paves way for suspicion on whether only Vinay was involved in the act.

Although it is unclear whether Vinay Nair is his real identity or whether the molester himself filmed all the videos, the content is beyond horrifying.

After Angad's post was circulated widely, a lot of users proceeded to block the objectionable profiles.

Both the Instagram and the Facebook profiles have now been taken down.

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