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Siddharth Mohan Nair | The News Minute | October 4, 2014 | 3.40 pm IST An MLA in Kerala is sitting on a hunger strike. Nothing is new in politicians going on hunger strikes but, this one is interesting. What makes it interesting is the fact that the MLA belongs to the ruling party, the Congress.  The protest is like what AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal had done, demanding action against some officials of the Delhi police, while he was the Chief Minister of Delhi. In Kejriwal's case, he was fighting against the centre, Hibi Eden's fight is against his own government. The MLA from Ernakulam, has begun a hunger strike on Saturday in front of the office of the Water Authority Superintendent Engineer in Kochi. He is sitting in protest against the water authority officials who have not been able to solve the drinking water crisis in Cheranalloor, Pacchalam, Chittur, Vaduthala, Kannampuram in the Ernakulam constituency, the one from which he was elected as a MLA. “I had brought to the notice of the water authority officials about the drinking water crisis 4-5 days back. The officials had asked for some time to fix the issue. But, till today nothing has happened. The drinking water crisis has been there since one month,” the MLA told The News Minute. After learning that even after his telling the officials have not solved the crisis, he, on Saturday, sat on a hunger strike in front of the water authority engineer’s office. “The places which are currently not receiving water used to get enough water before. The officials are diverting water that is actually supposed to go the people to some industries,” the MLA alleged. “Let people get water first, industries can be taken care of after that,” he said. Water supply and sanitation minister P.J. Joseph has now, sometime after the hunger strike had begun said that the he has taken steps to solve the drinking water crisis in the affected areas. He said that he has asked the officials to do the needful immediately. However, to the question whether or not a departmental enquiry was instituted to find out the truth behind the illegal diversion of water to industries which he claimed to have been taking place, and was the prime reason for the water crisis, the MLA did not give a proper reply. “I am doing this as a representative of the people who elected me,” he said. “Being a member of the ruling party does not mean I have to accept all what they do. Let them do their part. I will not end the fast unless water comes to the affected houses,” he assured.
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