Kejriwal also accused BJP and Congress of having an unwritten understanding to rule for five years each in the country.

Congress-BJP in a husband-wife relationship and fooling the people Kejriwal
news Speech Monday, May 23, 2016 - 13:45
Written by  PTI

In a sharp dig at BJP and Congress, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Monday alleged that the two major political parties have a "husband-wife" kind of a relationship and are fooling the people.

"I feel both the parties have a husband-wife kind of a relationship. Mister and Missus BJP-Congress. They are like husband and wife fighting inside the house. They know each other's secrets," Kejriwal said addressing the Aam Aadmi Party volunteers in Panaji.

He had yesterday kicked-off AAP's campaign for the Goa Assembly elections due next year.

"BJP knows the secrets of Congress and Congress of BJP.

Someone told me that (Defence Minister) Manohar Parrikar has several files of Congress leaders in Goa, but he won't take action against them. He will keep on threatening Congress with these files," the AAP's National Convener alleged.

Both the parties share good relations and are fooling the people, he claimed.

"BJP and Congress have together looted people. Both parties combined are mafias, they run mafia raj," he further alleged.

Kejriwal also accused BJP and Congress of having an unwritten understanding to rule for five years each in the country.

While addressing the volunteers, he said there is no place in AAP for those who joined it to get the "ticket".

"If someone has joined the party with an intention to get ticket, they may quit the party as their condition would be worse here.

"Don't join the party (AAP) for position or ticket. If you are here for ticket then don't come," the Delhi CM said.

He said getting the AAP ticket is like shouldering a responsibility. "Everyone has to take different responsibilities in the party. Ticket is yet another responsibility," he said.

On the state election plans, Kejriwal said if his party wins, then a Goan will be made the chief minister.

He appealed to people of Goa to shun their old political loyalties and vote for AAP this time "for the sake of the state".

"I was told that people are reluctant to come out in support of AAP fearing that they will lose benefits of government-sponsored social welfare scheme, if they are spotted in AAP group," he said.

"Don't worry, if they cancel the pension we will give all the pension with retrospective effect. Whatever benefits that were given by current government will be resumed (if AAP is voted to power) and dues will also be paid," he assured.

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