These programming languages are in high demand currently and being proficient in them will surely to make you an attractive candidate for future jobs.

Coding is the new literacy 5 programming languages to master for jobs of the future
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Written by  Saurabh Hooda

Whichever field you are in, you would be impacted by software sooner or later. Software till a few years back used to be an enabler, like digital banking instead of physical banking, but in the modern era of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning, this enabling function is slowly taking control of the entire field. Drivers, radiologists, Telecallers and tons of other fields will be redefined in near future by programming. So, if you have not thought of learning to code yet then it is time to do so.

Even though there is no right answer to ‘which is the best programming language to learn’, this guide will surely help you get a better idea of which programming language to pursue for a remunerative career. These programming languages are in high demand currently and are sure to make you an attractive candidate for future jobs when you become proficient in them.


JavaScript has been the most dominant programming language of the web and has witnessed immense growth over the past decade due to the increasing number of web-enabled devices in one’s life. But the expansion is not yet over and we are moving towards creating and using more and more web-enabled devices in 2018. So, it is safe to say that JavaScript programmers will have no shortage of opportunities in the future.

JavaScript is a client-side scripting language, which is used for front-end development. All major browsers have extended compatibility support to JavaScript. It is mainly used to create interactive web applications, by using JavaScript frameworks such as React, Angular.js and many others. The need for JavaScript programmers is so high that a report by web-job portal states that almost 33 percent of developer jobs require some level of JavaScript programming. But before trying to jump into a career in JavaScript programming, you should also be comfortable with HTML and CSS, which decide the look of the webpage.


Python is used for web applications, servers, media tools and desktop applications among many others. Tech giants such as NASA and Google are using Python, which shows how scalable the language is. The most prominent feature of Python is its code, which well-structured and readable. Web frameworks such as Django and Flask, which are based on Python have gained quite some momentum in a little amount of time. Moreover, Python also incorporates specific libraries for data analysis and quality machine learning. 

Choosing a career path with Python is undoubtedly going to reward you well. Python is an ideal language for beginners as it is easy to read and use and also helps it in creating some exemplary projects. Becoming an expert in Python is unquestionably one of the best choices one can make in 2018 as it will safeguard your future. Just to put things into perspective, the top companies that use Python are Dropbox, Pinterest, Instagram, Reddit, BitTorrent, and many more.


Java is undoubtedly the most popular programming language in the world as most of the top Fortune 500 companies make substantial use of it. The most famous slogan about Java is ‘write once and run everywhere’, which holds true to its nature, as the power Java Virtual Machine (JVM) makes it compatible for multiple platforms. Java is primarily used to build Android applications, games and desktop applications, which makes it one of the most used languages. It is so heavily used that one can be pretty sure that it will not go anywhere in the next few years or maybe more.

Programmers can choose from a variety of career paths with Java which include backend developer, big data developer and Android developer. Considering its usage, there are plenty of job positions available for Java programmers everywhere, which might not hold true for all languages on this list. Once you learn Java programming and are comfortable with using the language, it will only be a matter of time before you end up in a high-paying position as a Java developer. Also, multiple reports have claimed that jobs which are based on Java programming often pay more than other programming languages. There are several portals that helps to learn Java online, which can help you with great knowledge and insights.

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Swift is a programming language released by Apple in 2014. While relatively new, Swift has witnessed impressive growth since its release. It was created by Apple to assist in the development of native iOS and macOS applications, and its considered a substantial improvement over Objective C, which is used for Apple’s iOS and macOS systems. Ever since its release, Swift has continuously been ranked above Objective C, regarding its usability and performance efficiency.

If you wish to choose a career path in mobile development, Swift should be on your list of languages to learn, as it can provide you with a high-paid career path. After all, iOS applications have proved their mettle over Android applications when it comes to profit. Conclusively, Swift has all the qualities one can hope for. It is loved by developers, has a bright future and can provide you with a high-paying job.


C++ is a powerful, efficient and flexible language based on C, created in 1985. It is used for programming systems software but can also be employed in the designing of games and desktop, mobile and web applications. The high-end firms that use C++ are Facebook, Adobe System, Microsoft, Oracle, Amazon, Chrome and many more. The primary reason for the demand of C++ is due to its fast performance, high reliability and a variety of contexts it can be used in.

Even though it has a plethora of career opportunities, C++ can be quite hard for anyone to learn on their own. It is advised that if one decides to invest time in C++, they should use feedback-based courses or find a suitable mentor who can help them get the desired results. A job as a C++programmer usually involves the development of performance-intensive desktop and mobile applications. C++ is here to stay, and it is quite beneficial to jump in and learn C++ in 2018.

All views expressed are author’s own. Saurabh Hooda is the co-founder of Hackr, an online platform that recommends the best online programming tutorials, design courses and cooking recipes with monthly traffic of more than 700K.

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