CM Pinarayi will not meet Jishnu's mother in hospital, justifies police action

According to the CM, Jishnu's mother had fainted and so cops tried to take her to hospital.
CM Pinarayi will not meet Jishnu's mother in hospital, justifies police action
CM Pinarayi will not meet Jishnu's mother in hospital, justifies police action
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The police action of forcefully arresting and removing the parents and relatives of Jishnu Pranoy on Wednesday has already earned widespread flak from various quarters. Jishnu, Nehru Engineering college student was found dead three months ago in his college hostel and his family had alleged that it was a case of murder by the college management.

Even as the police action has been condemned by leaders across political parties, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan chose to defend his police force.

On Wednesday evening, Pinarayi Vijayan, who also holds the home portfolio, said that "external elements" had crept in and created ruckus, forcing the police to remove them by force.

As many as 14 persons including Jishnu's mother Mahija, his father Ashokan, uncle Sreejith and several others, were arrested by the police from outside the DGP office in Thiruvananthapuram, when they reached there to launch a protest against the delay in probe.

"Generally, nobody is allowed to hold protests at the DGP's office. But the DGP had already agreed to meet six people including Jishnu's mother. However, certain external elements joined them when they were on their way to the office and attempted to enter the office. This is when the police prevented them from doing so," CM told reporters.

He said that the group of protesters did not consist of just Jishnu's family members, but also members of the BJP, Socialist Unity Centre of India (SUCI) and "thokku swami." Himavalbhadrananda, a self-proclaimed godman earned the name of 'Thokku swami' or 'Gun Swami', when he threatened to kill himself using a pistol in 2008.

As Mahija lay on the road resisting the arrest, the police personnel dragged her away, while other family members tried to prevent it. Mahija, who complained of stomach ache, has been admitted to hospital.

However, Pinarayi Vijayan appears to be singing a different tune altogether. He claimed that the police took Mahija away to get her admitted in the hospital.

"While the ruckus was going on, Mahija lost consciousness and fell on the road. This is when the police took her away, to get her admitted to a hospital," Pinarayi Vijayan said.

At the Thiruvananthapuram medical college hospital where she is undergoing treatment, Mahija told reporters that the police blocked her while she was on her way to the DGP office.

"First they dragged my brother away and then kicked me, pulled me down and dragged me to the police van. Later, I felt dizzy inside the police van and was taken to the hospital," Mahija said.

When asked whether he would meet Mahija at the hospital, the Chief Minister replied in the negative.

Earlier in the day, DGP Loknath Behera visited Mahija at Peroorkkada general hospital and told reporters that external elements had created problems. IG Manoj Abraham will conduct an inquiry into the entire incident.

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