It’s not an exaggeration, but stories about actor Sai Pallavi aka Malar of Premam fame, appears on a daily basis.

Click Bait Sai Pallavi aka Malar How fan obsession is driving web traffic
Features Thursday, September 03, 2015 - 19:34

‘The secret of her long hair’

‘Who will Malar fall in love with?’

‘Not a dancer, learnt watching Aishwarya Rai’

It’s not an exaggeration, but stories about actor Sai Pallavi aka Malar of Premam fame, appear on a daily basis. Whether it’s about her hair or beauty, her love interest or family or a comment on Premam’s ‘negative influence’, Sai Pallavi stories are all over the place.

The lass with a husky sound captured an average Malayali’s imagination, with her portrayal of a young teacher in the movie.

Premam released in the end of May, and unlike its lead protagonist Nivin Pauly who has been in the news for his other movies and a state award, Sai Pallavi has not even done anything special to be in the news throughout.

So then why are we being given a Sai Pallavi story a day?

Simple, she is the latest ‘pure gold’ click bait.

“Premam is a movie that has been discussed a lot. And every time Premam comes under the spotlight, Sai Pallavi also becomes eye of cynosure. There is a lot of interest about her,“ RK Honey from the web team of Asianet said.

He says that the website gets good traffic for any stories that mentions the actor.

The web editors of one of the leading papers in Kerala said that the audience response for any story that is about the actor is tremendous. “We get a lot of comments, shares and even letters. The interest in her is just not diminishing. Malar and Sai Pallavi is the latest trend now, we think it will sustain for another month,” he said.

According to both the editors, initially Anupama Parameswaran, the other heroine in the movie was popular, even before the release. But after the movie became a blockbuster hit, it was Nivin and Sai Pallavi who became the big favorites. There was a lull in between and the interest peaked once again after Onam celebrations in many colleges the ‘Premam’ way.

“We get many shares on Facebook for a story that features Sai Pallavi. It could range from 600- to 100 for even an ordinary story. Which is why even the reports about Premam being remade in Hindi were concentrating on who will play Malar,” says another editor.

So why is that people love Sai Pallavi?

It’s perhaps because how ordinary her role was. She looked very much like the girl-next-door, and beautiful in a rooted way, instead of the airbrushed and botoxed beauties we get to see. She had different hair, a heavy voice, piercing eyes and that attitude which is both authoritative and submissive.

And tell the next lovable character comes along, Malar it is. Click away. 


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