Apparently, the 'conservative city' has a dark, lustful character which we did not know of.

City-wise data of Indian Ashley Madison users Youll be surprised at who beat Bluru
Features Monday, August 24, 2015 - 09:17

After putting out an exciting global map of users of Ashley Madison, the online social networking websites for men and women looking to cheat on their spouses and the latest victim of anonymous hackers leaking data, Tecnilogica has also put out city wise data of the number of users of the infidelity website.

Bangalore Mirror reports that the tech company also lets us have a look at the number of users in the major cities in India.

According to the newspaper – and there are no surprises here – Delhi tops the list of men and women wanting to cheat on their husbands, followed by Mumbai.

While Delhi had 38,620 registered users, Mumbai apparently had 32,888 users.

The surprise however is the third position – south Indian city of Chennai takes the prize with 16,355 users, with Bengaluru coming a close second at 16,267. Bengaluru, you lost a chance to be at the podium by a mere 88 registered users, what a shame.

Hyderabad came a distant fifth at 12,548 users, followed by Kolkata at 11,751 and Pune with 9,738.

And all the cities had more than 85% male registered users.

Meanwhile, here are the top global cities with the highest number of Ashley Madison users.

However, here is the downer. A lot of all of this data could be fake and simply meaningless.

One of the major allegations against Ashley Madison in fact has been that they generate fake female profiles to seemingly increase the number of women on the websites.

There could also be several cases of men and women logging in to just check the website out and not actually go through with it. In any case, Ashley Madison does not seem to have taken off in India.

Ashley Madison has indeed tried hard to push their product in India. In 2014, they published a survey stating that more than 76% of Indian men and 61% of Indian women don’t think cheating was a sin (yeah right!). There were even follow up articles in newspapers as to how infidelity was rising in India.

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