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Choosing the right engineering college 7 common mistakes parents make
Wednesday, July 26, 2017 - 13:15


The admission season is nearing its end, and we are sure that as a parent, or a prospective student, you have spent the past year thinking about how to choose the right engineering college. It is not an easy decision. Even though engineering education is as relevant and important as a decade ago, there are newer challenges, and most importantly, too many options to choose from. If you could not get through to an IIT, then what are the other options?

Some of the most pioneering education institutes in India are private engineering colleges, which aim not only to provide students with the best education, but also a holistic university experience. But, how do you choose from the so many top-notch institutes available? Here are 7 common mistakes which parents make while choosing an engineering college for their children, and you should avoid them.

1. Curriculum

Yes, ranking and ratings are important. You must consider government rankings and ratings of agencies like AICTEE and NBA, but one aspect parents often pay no attention to is the curriculum. Students will learn engineering, but who has designed the course? And how well has the course been designed?

Today, colleges in India offer courses which have been designed by the best universities in the world. For instance, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US, has helped design the curriculum of courses in SRM University’s newest campus at Amaravati in Andhra Pradesh. The courses incorporate the concept of hybrid learning by utilizing both traditional and technologically enabled teaching methods.

2. Faculty

Look beyond the advertisement and banners, and see who are the actual people who are going to be teaching the students. It is not enough to have a good curriculum and great placement, it matters who the faculty are. They are the most crucial link between the student and the college or university. Always look for faculty members who have had global experience. If not degrees from abroad, the faculty members should at least have experience in teaching abroad. This helps widens the thinking of students, encouraging them to aim higher.

3. Innovation through foreign partnerships

Even though India is a global hub for engineering education and information technology, we lag behind in innovation, and parents never think about that. Universities are the spots where innovation must begin, and it must happen through foreign collaborations. To get an idea of how this works, check out how the College of Engineering, UC Berkeley, US, has a strategic alliance with SRM AP to establish centers for Design, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship in India. This helps universities become interdisciplinary hubs for learning, bringing together technical depth, design methodology, and a focus on societal impact. Students need to understand both the under-the-hood details that make something work and the big-picture context that makes something matter.

4. Living experience

Image: Hostel rooms in SRM, Amaravati

This is very important for the student, because however good the courses and faculty may be, colleges and universities must help students breathe free, live in comfort and be happy. The hostels must be clean and comfortable, and the student mess should provide healthy and tasty food. The campus must have good sports facilities. Choose a college where students from different backgrounds come to study, so that the student can get higher exposure and learn more.

5. Student community

Punch above your weight, go classy. Look for colleges and universities where the top students from across the country are studying. Parents often look for colleges which seem to be from their own world, but the child needs better. It’s not just about how much the student scored, it also matters how much their peers have scored, those who will study along with the students. Look for Universities where students have scored at least 90% in the high-school examinations.

6. Location

Masterplan of SRM AP, Amaravati - SRM University's newest campus.

This is easily one of the most under-rated parameters while selecting a college or a university. Always, always choose a college which is not in your hometown. New place means newer experiences. When you are away from your parents, you shoulder more responsibility and learn more about life. Also, the institution should ideally not be amidst the hustle and bustle of a city. Look for a pristine environment, amidst greenery and away from pollution.

7. Legacy of the institution

What makes an institution truly remarkable is the legacy that it has created over the years, and parents often fall for the loud marketing of new institutes with a lot of money but no character or history. The institution must have a strong brand recall in the real world – people should know about it, and this helps not only during placements, but all through the student’s life and career.

For Admissions to SRM’s newest campus at Amaravati, click here. You will not be making any of the above mistakes by choosing SRM. The world wants leaders, not just engineers.

This has been produced by TNM Marquee in association with SRM University.