Harshika has essayed her role effortlessly.

Chitte review A well executed horror film with plenty of scares
Flix Sandalwood Friday, June 29, 2018 - 16:40

Having watched mediocre films in theatres for an entire month, the audience can finally heave a sigh of relief with Chitte as it emerges a winner. From the trailer of Chitte, the premise of the film was evident. The heroine is haunted by an unknown spirit and the hero, who loves her unconditionally, saves her from the spirit at the end of the day.

The question was if the run of the mill story would hold the audienceā€™s attention for two-and-a-half hours? Director ML Prasanna has managed to exert control over the story and narrative. Head over heels in love, a couple Sona (Harshika Ponacchha) and Manu (Yashas Surya) make their way into a newly-purchased house and romance is in the air for them. They have some cosy moments and live a normal life until one day when Sona plucks a rose from a garden. Here comes the jolt in her life as she begins to feel a mysterious presence in the family.

What follows next is a series of scary drama. The movie has some good performances by the lead actors, but the seasoned actor Harshika walks away with the honours. She blooms in the role and scares the audience in the most persuasive manner. She has essayed the role effortlessly and shows a welcome transformation since her TV days as an actor.

Yashas Surya whose talent had been wasted previously in some negligible movies has given a decent performance in Chitte and is sure to capture the attention of filmmakers. He is convincing as a doting husband. Deepika, well-known as Dhanya from the serial Kulavadhu, makes her transition from the small screen to the silver screen and has given her best performance in her limited screen time.

Director-actor BM Giriraj, who plays one of the four important roles in the movie, delivers a humorous performance, fetching some good laughs from the audience and scoring some brownie points for the film.

Prasanna has etched a horror story with all the obligatory engaging elements. Through this movie, he has proved that he is good at nudging even the most the no-nonsense audience to buy the suspense in the supernatural film. Though the story moves at a good pace, the second half seems a tad prolonged, but manages to recover in time. Cinematography by Vishwajith Rao brings to fore some good cinematic experience and proves to be an asset for the movie. VFX is praiseworthy.

Using the hexagonal net see-through layer for Chitteā€™s (Butterfly) point of view reminds us of Rajamouliā€™s Eega, but there is nothing else that is in common. Music composed by ML Prasanna and Cajetan Dias is mediocre and does very little for the movie except for the background score.

Chitte is the work of an experienced team passionate about filmmaking and definitely a weekend entertainer.

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