Chitradurga ‘emergency’ wedding: Couple tie the knot inside an ambulance

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Chitradurga ‘emergency’ wedding: Couple tie the knot inside an ambulance
Chitradurga ‘emergency’ wedding: Couple tie the knot inside an ambulance
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If there is one thing that has created a buzz in Chitradurga district, then it is the marriage of Netravathi and Guruswami which took place on June 5 inside an ambulance parked outside the Chitradurga Murugharajendra Brihanmat.

The 22-year-old nursing student, who is suffering a spinal-cord injury, was in love with Guruswami for over a year. They were set to get married soon.

However, Nethravati injured her spinal-cord after a fall at the Chitradurga fort, where the couple had gone to talk on May 23. Before the fall, they had fought over something at the fort.

She had been hospitalised for over two weeks. Netravathi’s underwent surgery at NIMHANS in Bengaluru. She was advised bed-rest at Chitradurga district hospital.

“Guruswami tagged along with us to NIMHANS in Bengaluru for treatment. She was operated and the doctors said that since it is a spinal cord injury, she might take three months to get back on her feet. Meanwhile someone hinted to us that boy’s family had started to have second thoughts about the wedding. We didn’t not have a clue till then. So we spoke to Guruswami about the marriage,”said Basavaraju, Netravathi’s uncle.

“We told him that they were already in love for a year and it is not right if things like this make him change his mind. It is not clear what really happened and how she fell. If he had not agreed for the marriage, Netravathi’s life would have been spoilt,” he added.

“We assured him that the family would also contribute to the wedding expenses,” he added.

Asked why did they have to hurry with the marriage and why couldn’t they wait until she got better, Basavaraju said, “Netravathi’s family was afraid Guruswami might change his mind and she would not be able to bear it.”

On June 5, she was brought to Chitradurga Murugharajendra Brihanmath where the groom and the family were waiting. Murugharajendra Swami of the mutt went into the ambulance to carry out the rituals. He was conducting a mass marriage at the mutt premises on the same day. 

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