The voice box is a device that is meant for throat and lung cancer patients who have lost their voice.

Channapattanas toymakers venture into medicine create Rs 100 device for insertion of voice boxAmitava Guha/Flickr creative commons
news Innovation Thursday, December 08, 2016 - 09:41

Craftsmen from Channnapattana, the town of toymakers, have now ventured into the field of medicine. 

Kouser Pasha, a toymaker has created a wooden device for the insertion of the voice box called ‘Sushruth’ developed by an oncologist based in the city, the Times of India reported. The device costs only Rs 100.

The voice box is a device that is meant for throat and lung cancer patients who have lost their voice.

The TOI report states that this wooden device developed by the toymaker does not require surgical insertion and can be fitted by doctors in the outpatient department.

The voice box was developed by Dr Vishal Rao, a consultant oncologist and head and neck surgeon. He worked with Pasha to ensure that the insertion device meets the specifications required, the report said.

The voice box is inserted through a small surgical procedure that requires administration of a local anesthetic. This is a smaller contraption, which helps simplify the procedure, Dr Rao told TOI.

The report also explains how the device works.

The device comprises three parts – a wooden cylinder, a piston and a cone-shaped polythene tube, which houses the voice box.

For the insertion of the device, two holes, one of which is larger than the other, is made on the patient for the first time. The smaller hole is for the insertion of the voice box while the bigger hole is for insertion of the box during regular replacement.

The wooden cylinder in Sushruth is loaded with the polythene tube and the wooden piston pushes the box inwards.

The cylinder is taken close to the larger hole, and the piston has to be pushed for the insertion of the voice box into the smaller hole.

These indigenous innovations will not only inspire others in our country, but will also open up more avenues for those in our country to contribute to the world of medicine, Dr Rao told TOI.


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