In a letter, the medical association which provides supplies has said that they cannot continue with the service when dues haven't been paid for years.

Cardiology equipment supply to Kozhikode Med College to be stopped over unpaid dues
Health Health Saturday, June 01, 2019 - 19:06

The cardiology department at the Kozhikode Medical College in Kerala is now in a spot after their cardiology equipment suppliers sent them a letter stating that they are stopping the supply of stock due to nonpayment of dues.

The incident came to light after the Chamber of Distributors of Medical Implants and Disposables (CDMID) sent a letter to the Superintendent of the Kozhikode Medical College on Friday regarding the cancellation of stocks. The CDMID is the medical distribution association that provides supplies to most of the medical colleges in Kerala, including the Thiruvananthapuram Medical College and the Alappuzha Medical College,

The letter was sent by Nidheesh PK, Secretary of the CDMID. Speaking to TNM, Nidheesh said that CDMID used to provide equipment to the Kozhikode Medical College based on the three schemes of the government, which are the Karunya Benevolent Fund (KBF) scheme, the Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana (RSBY) scheme and the Tribal Supply Scheme.

“We have not received payment from the Kozhikode Medical College against all these three schemes for months. For the KBF scheme, the payment is due since June 2018, for the RSBY scheme, the payment is due since December 2018 and as far as the Tribal Supply Scheme is concerned, we have not received any payment since January 2014,” alleges Nidheesh.

Letter sent by CDMID to Kozhikode Medical college.

In the letter sent by CDMID to the medical college, it's stated that the situation is grave for the suppliers and that they will not be replenishing the stock to the cath lab from June 1 onwards. “If no action is taken by the Government, we will be taking back our stocks which are kept on consignment basis at the Cath Lab, after June 10,” the letter stated.

According to Nidheesh, the medical college has not paid dues worth Rs 30 crore against the KBF scheme and Rs 16 crore against the RSBY scheme. He goes on to allege that it’s not just the Kozhikode Medical College that owes them money and that there are other hospitals as well. “But Kozhikode Medical College owes us the most. And nonpayment of dues is making life difficult for suppliers like us,” he adds.

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