Car turns upside down on Hyderabad’s Durgam Cheruvu bridge after tyre blows up

The cable bridge was inaugurated recently on September 26.
Overturned car on Durgam Cheuruvu cable bridge
Overturned car on Durgam Cheuruvu cable bridge
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A car turned upside down in an accident on the newly built Durgam Cheruvu cable bridge in Hyderabad on Thursday. The accident could not be clearly captured on CCTV, as it happened beyond the range of the cameras installed by the traffic police. However, a source from the Cyberabad Traffic Police told TNM that the accident was caused due to the tyre blowing up, and that nobody was injured. Cyberabad Traffic Police staff and several bystanders were seen turning the car back to its upright position. 

The cable bridge has become popular for the picturesque view of the Durgam Cheruvu that it offers. In October, the Cyberabad Traffic Police had decided to restrict vehicular traffic on the bridge during nighttime and on weekends, as it had become common for people to crowd on the bridge, endangering themselves and also posing a threat to others by posing for pictures and videos on the road, with vehicles moving around them.

The Cyberabad police had issued numerous challans against people violating traffic rules and guidelines on the cable bridge. Around 882 challans were issued in the first days since the bridge was inaugurated on September 26. These challans were mainly issued for  violations like stopping on the road, riding or driving without a mirror, pillion rider not wearing helmet, unauthorised parking and triple riding. Challans were also issued to people who drove on the  wrong side and while using their cell phone. 

Only cars and two wheelers are now allowed on the bridge, with a maximum speed limit of 35 kmph. 

In November last year, a car fell off the Biodiversity flyover in Hyderabad, killing a woman and injuring three persons. The Cyberabad police had said that the accused, Kalvakuntla Krishna Milan, was driving at 104 kmph, while the maximum permissible speed on the flyover is only 40 kmph. Milan, however, denied that he was speeding. He claimed that he was traveling at 40-50 kmph, and blamed the design of the flyover for the accident.  

Watch: Car turns upside down on Hyderabad’s Durgam Cheruvu bridge 

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