news Friday, June 12, 2015 - 05:30
  The Kerala government has reportedly rejected the Kerala Women’s Commission's (KWC) proposed guidelines to the state government on regulating expensive weddings in the state. The government has said that regulating or introducing a cap on wedding expenses is not a solution and that people need to be educated about toning down extravagant weddings without having to clamp down on celebrations.  Stating that lavish weddings were increasing in the state, the KWC had initially proposed to the government to implement regulation of expenses for weddings in 2013 and had recently renewed it efforts in pushing its proposed guidelines. The News Minute in a June 8 editorial stated that though the proposal may be well-intentioned, such a move is also inappropriate, and may possibly even be challenged in court. Besides, when a wedding does not involve any violation of the law, it remains a private affair. "If a generation of young people is made to understand the critical difference between arranging a “good” wedding and an unnecessarily extravagant wedding, and that wearing more gold is no guarantee to a better life or simply that convention can and should be challenged, there will be a sea of difference," the editorial stated. The KWC's proposal includes some drastic measures to cut down on wedding expenditure, and wants the state government to draft a law. The commission suggested only 200 guests in a wedding and expenses should not exceed Rs 6 lakhs. The proposal stated that invitation card which cost more than Rs 25 should not be used, the auditorium rent should be less than Rs 50,000 and decorations cost shall not cross Rs 5,000. The commission had also recommended that the bride shall not wear more than 120 grams of gold and that the bridal wear should not cost more than Rs 20,000 and groom wear should be within Rs 15,000. K C Rosakkutty, KWC Chairperson had earlier told TNM, “People spend several lakh rupees for a wedding, where in the other side there are families who struggle to conduct their daughter’s marriage. So we should put an end to this." Read: Full list of KWC's proposed regulations for weddings in Kerala