“Do you know Aravind Limbavali? I am his daughter,” the BJP MLA’s daughter Renuka Limbavali is heard telling the traffic cops who stopped the BMW she was travelling in.

BJP MLA Aravind Limbavali's daughter Renuka seen arguing with Bengaluru traffic police and mediapersons in BengaluruScreengrab/NewsFirstKannada
news Controversy Friday, June 10, 2022 - 14:32

Renuka Limbavali, the daughter of BJP MLA and former Karnataka Minister Aravind Limbavali, was caught on camera arguing with traffic police and name-dropping when she was stopped for a traffic violation. The incident took place on Bengaluru's Raj Bhavan road on Thursday evening, June 9, when the police stopped the BMW car that Renuka and a few other persons were travelling in. Reports say that when the cops stopped the car for rash driving, she alleged that all she had done was overtake a police officer’s car and that she cannot be booked for the same. 

It was around 5.15 pm on Thursday, when the traffic police at Raj Bhavan road stopped a BMW that was reported to be driving rashly from Queen’s Road. The MLA’s daughter got out, and was reportedly informed that the car was stopped for jumping a signal, and that other motorists along the way had also complained about the car being driven rashly. TOI reports that the police also pointed out that the BMW also had pending fines worth Rs 10,000 for 13 traffic violations, and the police asked her to clear them. 

It was after this that Renuka lashed out at the police, accusing them of stopping her because the BMW had overtaken a car belonging to the Assistant Commissioner of Police. A video of her confronting the cops was captured by NewsFirst Kannada, whose journalist was on duty near Raj Bhavan, a small distance from where the incident was reported. 

“I was not driving rashly. Will you book me for overtaking the ACP’s car?” Renuka is heard saying in the video. “What is this? This is an MLA vehicle, for your information. What is an ACP’s vehicle and what is an MLA’s vehicle?” she adds. 

“My father is an MLA. Do you know Aravind Limbavali? I am his daughter. That’s all. I will clear the case, and send everything home. Now I have to go, that’s all,” Renuka adds in the video. She then notices the media cameraperson recording the incident and walks towards the camera asking the journalists to shut the camera. She is caught on camera pushing the camera away and abusing the journalists for taking the video. When the journalist says he is doing his job, she abuses him and storms away. 

Later, she gets into the car and then argues further with the police, saying that she does not have the cash to pay the bill. When the police asked her to pay the fine online there itself, she asks that she be allowed to leave and tells the police to send the challan to her home. Later, one of her friends who were with her in the car pays the fine and they leave the spot. None of them are seen wearing masks, either. 

Watch the video of the incident here:

The incident has triggered much outrage over the ‘VVIP arrogance’ and highhandedness of the MLA’s daughter with the police and the media as well. It was not immediately clear who was driving the car, but the state’s ministers have said that Renuka’s friend was the one driving it. 

The BJP MLA from Mahadevapura constituency, Aravind Limbavali, when asked about the incident, said to the media, “There are two aspects of this incident. As far as the police report for overspeeding goes, the driver was her friend Tarun. He was paralysed. About the incident of hurt to the reporter, if at all she hurt, if at all she humiliated — this I underline, that if at all it has happened, then I beg pardon for that (sic),” he said speaking to Times Now. 

Speaking to ANI, Home Minister Araga Jnanendra said, “This was a case of rash driving, she was stopped by the police. Her friend was driving the car, they paid a fine and went.”

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