Cake Kamasutra: Adult-themed icings are getting bold and naughty

The demand for adult-themed cakes has risen in Bengaluru with more people asking for cakes with Kamasutra scenes on them.
Cake Kamasutra: Adult-themed icings are getting bold and naughty
Cake Kamasutra: Adult-themed icings are getting bold and naughty
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Handcuffs, see-through lingerie, and a blind-folded man lying in bed waiting with a smile on his face. This isn’t a scene from reverse Fifty Shades of Grey.

There’s hap-penis too, and its not a spelling mistake.

Sounds saucy? Well, saucy is in.

What you read above are descriptions of cakes that men and women in Bengaluru are gifting to friends.

Image source: Diya Jojan

Although these cakes find their way to birthday bashes, cakes embodying male or female lust mostly find their way to hen parties or bachelor parties.

With more people asking for cakes with Kamasutra scenes on them or with cheeky greetings that are a great pun on words, business has gone up this year for Mahesh Madiyala of Warm Oven.

"We do a lot of themed cakes. The demand for adult-themed cakes has definitely gone up in the last six months. Warm Oven now gets at least one such order per week," Madiyala, who is one of the promoters of the online cake service, tells The News Minute.

Image source: Diya Jojan/Warm Oven

Madiyala thinks there are two reasons for this. "Firstly, the trend of throwing bachelor and bachelorette parties has picked up in the city and overall the concept of themed-cakes has become popular. Secondly, the web and the phone give people anonymity and they can place the order from the comfort of their homes," he says.

The most common designs include the torso – for women the shape of a man's wash-board abs is a popular choice, and for men it’s a woman's cleavage and breasts. Mostly younger women and men, patrons send the description of the cake to the bakery and sometimes, they ask for more explicit stuff.

One for instance, is an aesthetic design of a penis, created with small rose-shaped cupcakes. Others are more direct and get to the point quickly enough.

Image source: Diya Jojan

Delivery also plays a crucial role in the surge in demand for such cakes. Customers often request for the cake to be handed over to the specified person at the time of delivery or asking for delivery only at night.

However, the bakery does not promote its adult-themed selection of cakes, and customers usually approach them through the internet or by word of mouth.

Diya Jojan who runs The Sugar Therapy in the city specialises in making customised cakes, be it for any occasion.

Until last year, she mostly used to get orders for weddings and birthdays. However, since the beginning of 2015, she's been getting steady orders for adult-themed cakes at least once a week.

Image source: Diya Jojan

Jojan often gets her orders via phone with customers sending pictures of designs over WhatsApp. "People feel shy in ordering these cakes," she says, adding that most of the adult-themed cakes she makes go to bachelor or bachelorette parties.

Shruti Panjabi of The Cake Lady in Bengaluru says that since she opened shop in 2013, she has always been getting orders for adult-themed cakes.

"The orders usually shoot up around the wedding season," she says. The Cake Lady has a set of their own "naughty" designs for adult-themed cakes and majority of their clients zero in on one of those.

The size of such cakes, Punjabi says, are usually on the smaller side since such events are often personal in nature with only a small group of people who are close to each other participating in them.

For those who may get offended by the concept, here's how Warm Oven puts across its point with a picture of an adult themed cake of a "gorgeous cleavage" on their blog.

Image source: Warm Oven

"If you are the types that get offended by this, believe us, putting it in your mouth will make you stop complaining. Don't get the wrong idea, the cake is just that delicious!", reads the post.

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