Next time an aunty, uncle or grandmother’s cousin’s wife’s sister asks you when you're getting married, send this song to them in response.

Bugged by the marriage question Youll love this hilarious parody of Rolling in the DeepScreenshot
Social Parody Wednesday, January 25, 2017 - 15:43

If you're a 20-something woman, chances are that at every family wedding you attend, you're subjected to the inevitable "when are YOU getting married?" question, or the "you're next" smirks/nudges/winks.

And while it may be all good and fun (not really), you know that in your family's head, your clock is ticking. And for women not looking to see marriage as an milestone or simply not wanting to get married, the facade of smiling and politely avoiding the question becomes quite tedious.

So, here's a video which says everything you want to say at such moments but may not be able to. What's more, it's modeled around Adele's iconic Rolling in the Deep. Watch it here:

Uploaded by Being Indian Music on January 11, Beta Get Married has been sung and performed by Rashi Mal and Vasuda Sharma.

The song debunks myths and makes fun of all the reasons used by people to urge women to get married - that they'll grow old, become "damaged goods", the good boys will be gone or that god will be angry if they don't.

So, the next time an aunty, uncle, neighbour or grandmother’s first cousin’s wife’s sister asks you the dreaded question, send this song to them as a response.  

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