Complaining that "most of the songs were in Tamil", many Hindi speakers reportedly walked out of the ARR concert in Wembley.

Breaking news for Hindi speakers who walked out of Rahmans UK concert The man is TamilFacebook/ AR Rahman
Social Music Thursday, July 13, 2017 - 18:27

Hello north Indians, here's some news for you – AR Rahman is from Tamil Nadu.

Most of the man's songs are in Tamil, and some of his most stellar work is in the language, too.

So, dear Hindi speaking fans who went to the Rahman concert in Wembley (UK) on July 8, and walked out because "most of the songs were in Tamil", you have only your ignorance to be blamed.

Repeat after us, he's NOT a Bollywood composer. His title is 'The Mozart of Madras', not Mumbai. The 'Bollywood composer' tag comes from the international media which has no idea that Rahman's work in Slumdog Millionaire which won him two Academy Awards is not a patch on what he's produced for Tamil cinema.

And oh, the concert was titled 'Netru, Indru, Naalai' - perhaps you thought this was Spanish?

Some disgruntled Hindi speakers are even demanding a refund because they had to sit through Tamil songs. Because they couldn't understand it. Whatever happened to the clichés music fans spout about music having no language?

After all, even the Japanese could dance for “Why this kolaveri di”, without seemingly getting every word of the song.

The Facebook page AR Rahman Live - UK has quite a few reviews from people who claim to have been disappointed because of the inclusion of Tamil songs. You can read the reviews here.

Naturally, a Twitter war has broken out among Rahman fans from the south and the Hindi Only folks. We're watching with verkadalai in our hands. No, we shall not translate what that means.

For the record, Music Aloud tweeted the actual song list for the concert. And remember music has no language, they say.