Sameera's disarming honesty has won her a following of 821K, many of whom are women.

Actor Sameera Reddy in a purple patterned printed top looking at the camera
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Sameera Reddy's last film may have been in 2013, but nobody has forgotten the actor, thanks to her active presence on social media. On Instagram, Sameera has been sharing her motherhood and body positivity journey, her disarming honesty leading to a following of 821K, many of whom are women.

And there's lots of humour, too. Like her recent video that took a jibe at Indian Matchmaking, the Netflix show that's being widely discussed. Sameera's mother-in-law Manjiri Varde, who features frequently on her Instagram, also appears in the video. Sameera's request to Simaji, the matchmaker, is that she finds her the perfect mother-in-law.

"Asli partner toh mother-in-law hota hai", Sameera says in the caption. The satirical video takes on the unreasonable expectations that people have from women when it comes to marriage.

Many of Sameera's videos and photo shoots have gone viral, but the latest one to move social media was a frank revelation about beauty and ageing. In the video, Sameera talks about how she used to feel insecure about her complexion and body when she was in the film industry. She also talks about how the camera can lie, depending on how one positions it.


I had a message form a mom who says she feels ‘fat’ ‘ugly’ and ‘not beautiful’ with her post baby fat . She said she looked at me and felt dejected . OMG!!! So here are my morning swelly eyes . No tricks no make up just me owning it! And I’m hoping that this enforces a positive spin on our own expectations of ourselves . I feel coming back to the public view in a way that I feel no pressure for my own mental health has helped me stay focused on being a good mother and a person who is self accepting that makes it a healthier space for all around me . Don’t dwell on what you are not and what you don’t have ! Let’s focus on the good  we are all #imperfectlyperfect #loveyourself #justthewayyouare #keepingitreal

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Sameera says that she made the video after a mother told her that she feels fat, ugly and not beautiful because of post-baby fat. She compared herself unfavourably to Sameera and that's what made the actor display her face without any make-up and point out the flaws. This video alone has been watched a whopping 4.1 million times.

Sameera, who has two children, frequently posts make-up videos which have thousands of takers. Here's her video titled 'Messy Mama Lockdown Bun to Fun Makeup'.


For me keeping sane this lockdown is being more accepting of myself. Whether it’s my lockdown double chin or grey hair! I always say Love yourself first . Then everyone else  . I needed a change so here is a fun not complicated make up video . Timepass !! This lockdown has had me in a bun and my glasses 24/7 so I decided to spruce up for a change ! . I’ve mixed a light shimmer powder with my normal Day cream . For the Glow cream base ! Do not miss this step . It’s magic !  . . Please use whatever you got at home . I was waiting to do a video with locally sourced make up but with lockdown I haven’t managed . So here are my usual suspects . @elfcosmetics St Lucia pallete ( shimmer ) @elfcosmetics HD powder @yslbeauty touché eclat no 3 @marcjacobsbeauty pen liner @nyxcosmetics_in ultimate shadow palette @becca @chrissyteigen palette - blush @maccosmeticsindia deep dark mineralise skin finish - contour @nykaabeauty kufri Lipstick @thrivecausemetics mascara . .  Again all this stuff is in case you wanted to know but do use what you have at home ! Trust me ! . And always have fun ! Don’t take yourself too seriously  Stay happy Girl !  . #messymama #makeup #keepingitreal #imperfectlyperfect #beauty #momlife #nofilter #havefun #motherhood #positivevibes #nofilterneeded #makeuptutorial #easy #glammakeup #loveyourself

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The actor has also spoken about how difficult it has been to manage her children during the lockdown. In this video that she posted, Sameera is in tears as she talks about the impact of the lockdown on the mental health of children.


It hurts me that Hans is exposed to the paranoia and fear. But this is the new normal . And imagine if we feel anxiety they feel it even more . Signs of deep anxiety in children -finding it hard to concentrate. -not sleeping, or waking in the night with bad dreams. -not eating properly. -quickly getting angry or irritable, and being out of control during outbursts. -constantly worrying or having negative thoughts. -feeling tense and fidgety, or using the toilet often. -always crying. -being clingy. -complaining of tummy aches and feeling unwell s  please be aware and communicate with your child . It’s important . Keeping them busy is a good thing but talking to them and being honest about the situation is recommended . Make them feel safe. Lots of hugs and lots of patience . #staysafe #stayhome #mentalhealth #children #lockdown

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Her frank photographs and videos from her home have always struck a chord with her followers. Look at this one, for example, which shows the clutter around her and why she's not going to be a hoarder any more.

And of course, her dance and work-out videos, especially the ones with her kids, are always a hit.


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