Blatant civic apathy: BBMP contractor dumps garbage near Bengaluru lake

Illegal structures have come up near Bellandur lake.
Blatant civic apathy: BBMP contractor dumps garbage near Bengaluru lake
Blatant civic apathy: BBMP contractor dumps garbage near Bengaluru lake
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The city’s lakes have been deteriorating and the Bellandur lake takes the cake, with instances of toxic foam pouring on to the streets being reported.

In another instance of shocking civic apathy, a BBMP contractor has been involved in illegal garbage dumping at Bellandur lake, near Yemlur.

According to S Singh from Bellandur Rising said, “The garbage dumping has been going on for a while. The garbage is also being burnt at the spot. Almost two tractors of garbage are being dumped every day.”

Singh also said that when a member of the group Bellandur Rising visited the spot, the workers who were dumping the garbage said that BBMP contractor, Venugopal Reddy had directed them to dump the garbage in the area.

Meanwhile, an illegal structure has popped up overnight near the lake as well.

“A part of the lake was dried out and sand is being dumped there for quite some time now. The garbage dumping is also happening in that area and an illegal structure has come up overnight. We tried to verify and did not find any land records for the shed that has come up,” Singh added.

A member from Bellandur Rising, on the condition of anonymity said that the behind the Green Glen Layout in Bellandur, illegal immigrants from Bangladesh have also put up illegal hutments and have been living there for a few months now.

“Also, near the shed that has been built, these Bangladeshi immigrants have been living there and have been employed by these contractors. They do not question the contractor and the dumping has been happening quietly,” the member said.

The citizen’s group contacted the BBMP corporator A Asha, and on Saturday, she visited the spot along with another member of the group.

“It is not garbage that has been dumped but debris. As far as I know, it was not the BBMP corporator. We will lodge a complaint with the police regarding the illegal dumping. If it has been proved that a BBMP corporator was involved, a complaint will be filed against him and he will be blacklisted. Regarding the illegal construction, the site is being scanned and action will be taken if the structure is proved to be illegally constructed,” said corporator A Asha’s aide.

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