‘Bigg Boss Telugu 4’: Kumar Sai evicted in latest episode

Fans of the show, however, do not agree with the show’s decision to evict Kumar Sai, and have shown support for him on social media.
Bigg Boss contestant Kumar Sai
Bigg Boss contestant Kumar Sai
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The hit Telugu reality television show Bigg Boss Telugu 4 has now entered its seventh week, with only 16 contestants remaining out of the original 24. Suryakiran, Karate Kalyani, Devi Nagavalli, Sujatha and Swathi Deekshith were evicted, and Gangavva exited the Bigg Boss house this season. In the latest episode, after Monal and Kumar Sai ended up in the danger zone, Kumar Sai was evicted from the house.

Kumar Sai Pampana is a comedian, known for his performances in films like Ee Rojullo, Busstop and Lovers. He had stepped into the Bigg Boss house as the first wild card contestant of season 4.

In the episode, both Monal and Kumar were told to come into the confession room, which puzzled their housemates. Later, Monal revealed that she was saved and Kumar was evicted. Interacting with Nagarjuna after his eviction, Kumar Sai said, "I came here with the wish of winning the title." He also said that he wrote a story for Nag, and the latter immediately said he would listen to it sometime, which was a relief for Kumar Sai.

Although Kumar Sai was passive in the initial weeks, he started getting into arguments during the weekly tasks and became a strong contender for the ‘final five’.

This week’s episode was hugely criticised by netizens, as they expected Monal to be evicted this week; many fan polls conducted on social media saw Monal getting the least votes. Now, support is pouring in from netizens for Kumar Sai in regard to his eviction.

In the seventh week, there are six members in the red for elimination: Abhi, Noel, Divi, Avinash, Monal and Ariyana. With Monal being nominated again for the current week, her exit from the show is expected.

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 has picked up the pace, and it remains to be seen what is in store for the audience for the next 100 days.  

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