During the weekend episode, Kamal Haasan asked contestants to not play a safe game.

Bigg Boss Tamil season 4 contestants Ramesh and Nisha collage
Flix Entertainment Monday, December 14, 2020 - 12:49
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Double eviction at Bigg Boss Tamil house has spiced up the game this week. Jithan Ramesh and Nisha were evicted as the show's 70th day completed this week. Nisha and Ramesh, who have been asked to be more natural on the show, unfortunately let the top 10 spots slip away.

During the weekend episode, Kamal Haasan asked contestants to not play a safe game. Nisha, Som, Shivani, Gaby, Ramesh, Ramya were facing eviction and Kamal, in his promo, hinted that there would be a double eviction this weekend.

Kamal also addressed the injustice done to Anitha and asked for a re-polling of the boring candidate. Nisha was chosen this time as her game strategy turned out to be dull. On Sunday’s episode, Anitha strongly expressed her opinion that Archana sometimes overshadows the others.

Robots Vs Humans, a luxury task that took place last week, rattled friendships in the house. Nisha’s strategy to emotionally break Archana using the latter’s father’s death took a wrong direction and put Nisha in a tough spot.

Bala led Rio-Nisha-Anitha-Aari-Aajeedh team and Archana led the other half made up of Shivani-Gaby-Ramya-Ramesh-Som. Archana was tough to break even with the eggs strategy but Nisha did her best to break the former. Nisha was later apologetic of her actions, and Archana forgave her. Bala’s team gave a tough competition.

When the tables turned, Archana tried to give Nisha a taste of her own medicine. Archana asked Nisha if the latter really felt bad about her actions or just faked it. She, however, cut it short. Archana’s team quickly diffused Bala’s Robots and won.

Choosing best and least interesting performers was once again problematic. Anitha was chosen as a boring performer which strongly disagreed by many. Anitha was firm that she was not a boring candidate and that she singlehandedly completed the kitchen chores during the tasks without help. The TV anchor felt that it was strategically done to dull her game.

Anitha accused Rio of carrying emotional baggage and showing partiality among contestants. Ramya and Bala pitched in to support Anitha as they too felt the same. 

The best performers this week were Ramya, Bala and Nisha who also played for the captaincy next week. Ramya actually won the task but after a commotion that followed, it was led to believe Bala won it. Bala, as a good sport, came forward to accept his mistake and campaigned for Ramya to become captain instead.

As they split teams for house chores, Archana took in-charge of the kitchen team. Aari was asked to be part of the kitchen team but Archana said he had already spent two weeks in it and declined his enrolment. However, Gaby was added to kitchen duties although she too was assigned to it for two weeks continuously. It appears as if Archana has been showing her animosity towards Aari at every chance she gets.

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